men's style guide on how to wear the Aged Excalibur belt. Wear it with leather boots, cool leather jacket, sunglasses, and rock and roll style

Style Guide - The Excalibur

We have something embarrassing to admit: sometimes we get so caught up in the making and running of our business that we forget to wear a belt at all. The horror!! So we decided to take a little time this week to get back in touch with our inner stylist.

We are the first to admit that our belts are not shy or subtle at all. They are meant to be worn front and center and to steal the show with any outfit. Sure you can get away pulling your shirt over your belt when you want to go incognito, but why would you? Do the front shirt tuck and wear it proud!

For this looked wanted something casual and stylish that compliments our Excalibur on Grey Rough Rider. Spring hasn’t quite arrived in Wisconsin yet, so a great leather jacket, light scarf and a killer pair of boots are a must. Throw on your favorite pair of jeans to complete this super cool look.

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