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Skeleton - Cool Minimalist Belt

The Aged Skeleton is the cool minimalist belt from our third successful Kickstarter project. We created it for light weight, comfortable everyday wear. Click the button on the bottom to open the belt buckle with a satisfying snap. When you let go, a special magnet instantly locks the buckle. The unique exposed design allows you to see the moving parts work. The extra belt strap tucks inside your belt loops so you don’t have a leather flap hanging out. Together this system gives the Skeleton some subtle, stealthy coolness to enhance your minimalist outfits.

Every belt is handmade to order on a thick full grain leather belt. We use high quality vegetable tanned leather from an artisan tannery in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We have four different color belts to choose from and offer standard sizes, or for the perfect fit, we can make a custom length for your exact waist size.

If you’re ready to break the endless fashion cycle and commit to a product that will last, the Skeleton is the best belt for the job.

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