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7 Features of the Series 7 Dial - A New Belt Design

by Cristina Carrera June 11, 2021 2 min read

Dramatic fan of the six previous versions of the Dial buckles arranged around new Series 7 Dials.

The Series 7 Dial is the culmination of 15 years of design and engineering. It is smaller, lighter, snappier, and more ergonomic than ever before. Our years of making our designer belt buckles have taught us a few tricks, so we went back to the drawing board to make sure every aspect of this new design is the best version possible. Here are seven features of the redesigned Series 7 Dial belt buckle.

#1: Smaller, lighter, better

playful drawing showing the reduction in size between the Series 6 and 7 Dial belt buckles

We took everything we loved about the Series 6 Dial and pulled it into a tighter, more compact design. Overall, the Series 7 Dial is 30% lighter with a much smaller footprint than the Series 6 version, an engineering feat. By stripping away this excess size and weight, we were able to create a buckle that looks and feels great to wear. This redesign was fueled by our design philosophy that the best objects are less but better.

#2: Curved Buckle for a Better Fitting Leather Belt

dramatic profile shot of the side of the Series 7 Dial buckle against a black background highlights the new tapered curves of the buckle.

Along with scaling down the entire buckle, we reshaped the curves to match the waistline better. The tip curves inward more aggressively, pulling everything snugger to your body. The edges of the Series 7 Dial have a beautiful tapered profile that accentuates this new curved shape. A little bit of the back peeks through, hinting at more surprises.

#3: Modernized Design on the Back of the Buckle

add a stylish design to the back of the buckle. this is a unique quality leather belt for jeans

We have always viewed our buckles as mini wearable sculptures. Every surface is equally important, even if you don’t see it as often. The back of the Series 7 Dial is a hidden space where we let our creativity loose without compromising the modern aesthetic of the whole design. The design on the hinge has seven lines to celebrate each of the previous versions of the Dial. The unique recessed radial pattern embodies the essence of the buckle - movement within a clean, modern design.

#4: Redesigned hinge

The hinge has a new narrower, slimmer, and tapered shape to match the Series 7 Dial’s sleeker profile. The rounded edges are more comfortable to wear all day, especially while seated.

#5: Re-engineered turning dial

side-by-side comparison of the Series 6 and Series 7 Dial center turning piece. The new piece has a slimmer profile and complex concave shape.

We redesigned the center turning dial to be slimmer and more ergonomic. It has a new complex curve that forms to your thumb better while reducing the overall weight and profile of the buckle. The center dial sits lower inside the body of the belt buckle for a more streamlined look.

#6: Stronger magnets

We upgraded from N35 to N42 magnets, a 20% increase in strength. These new magnets combine with the lighter dial for a much snappier open-close action. The improved strength and reliability also address concerns about accidentally bumping open the buckle.

#7: New machined brass nub

side-by-side comparison of the new and old sizing studs

The precision-made machined brass sizing stud is the most engineered part of the design that you never see. Tighter tolerance on the inside slot means less slop of the internal mechanism and a more secure fit. New chamfers and a lower profile help align the stud with the back and inside of the buckle, pulling it closer to the body. The chamfers have softer edges that are gentler on your fingers when you change your size.

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