Collection: Imperfect Belts Sale

What is an Imperfect Leather Belt?

We have very high standards when it comes to our belts. Imperfect items are handmade with the same quality leather, craftsmanship, and cool belt buckles as our other products. These are fully functional, high quality, artisan-made leather belts at a great price that will hold your pants up for years, but they will not be aesthetically perfect out of the box. This product may be scratched, wrinkled, an older edition, or the leather may be softer or have more color variation than we typically allow. We are quite picky, so you might not even notice the flaws!

All imperfect belts are FINAL SALE. No exchanges or returns. Additional discounts cannot be applied.

Limited quantities, check back often - we will add more imperfect belts every month.

If you are interested in shopping for a perfect belt, different style belt buckle, more leather colors or custom sizes, check out our main collection of handmade leather belts.

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