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The Story Behind the Belts

I was in college studying for my MFA in Sculpture when one day I decided I needed a belt. I knew exactly what I didn't want - a normal, boring leather belt just like every other one I had ever worn. I was looking for something different and exciting, but I didn't have much money to spend. I decided to put my sculpture skills to use and make my own. I used some aluminum I had leftover from a sculpture project to make the original Excalibur belt. It had a smooth shape and a locking pin design, totally different from other belts.

I wore my homemade belt to a few parties to show it off. Friends and family started to ask me to make them cool belts too, and after about a year of making them as a fun side project, I decided to start a business. I officially began my adventure with Obscure Belts in 2005. Since then, we have created 37 unique mechanical belt buckle designs and counting, three successful Kickstarter projects, traveled all over America showing off our belts in 35 cities across 21 states, and helped countless people keep their pants up.

Meet Your Belt Makers

Obscure Belts is a small team of two people - me and my partner Cristina. We take great pride in our craft and make sure each and every leather belt we make is a high quality work of wearable art.

Bryan Schultz, the owner and founder of Obscure Belts. Artisan Belt Maker
Chief Creative Thinker, Tinkerer, and Belt Maker
Cristina Carrera, partner in Obscure Belts. Web Designer and Problem Solver
Chief Problem Solver, Organizer, & Web Designer

Great Buckles Need the Best Leather Belts

We are very lucky to live near Seidel Tanning, a specialty leather tannery with over 75 years of experience making custom leathers. We have worked with Seidel and their R&D department since we started making belts in 2005. They are true leather experts that help us perfect the recipe for our vegetable tanned leather. And it really is a recipe, with step by step instructions to guide the hides through the tanning process to get the right balance of thickness, texture, and color for our belts.