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Alt Fashion Guide to Cyberpunk & Futuristic Clothing

by Cristina Carrera July 27, 2021 5 min read

obscure belts is the best choice cyberpunk and futuristic fashion accessories

The world of cyberpunk and futuristic clothing is one that many people are interested in but are not very knowledgeable about. The fashion trend has been around since the late 1980s and continues to evolve into an impressive genre with different subcultures. In this article, we will review the features of these alternative fashion trends, give you recommendations on brands to support, as well as how to wear our belts with these out-of-this-world outfits.

What is Cyberpunk Clothing?

level up your style with clothes from Crisiswear and a belt from obscure belts
The Aged Android Belt with gear from Crisiswear

You may have heard about cyberpunk or futuristic fashion, but what exactly is it? The cyberpunk trend was originally an aesthetic movement defined by its high-tech, low-life approach to the world. The alt style pays homage to the gritty urban dystopian future found in science fiction and anime films like the Matrix, Blade Runner, Æon Flux, and Ghost in the Shell. It became a full-fledged fashion genre in the late 1980s and continues to increase in popularity as the reality we are living in inches closer to the dystopia in films.

The clothing is characterized by a dark aesthetic with punk-like qualities, incorporating high-tech materials, geometric shapes, and varying textures. Outfits are usually shades of black or dark grey, trending toward a gothic style. Fabrics tend to be more structured, highly durable, and low-maintenance.

What is Futuristic Fashion?

Futuristic fashion is a more recent development that has similarities to cyberpunk clothing. It tends to emphasize experimental projects that are avant-garde and original rather than just replicating what we have seen before. Unlike cyberpunk fashion which focuses on wearing dark clothing, the future aesthetic incorporates brighter colors, embracing neon and holographic fabrics into the clothes and accessories. This style takes more of a lighter tone than other cyberpunk styles.

What is Tech Wear?

Techwear is a subculture where people wear functional clothing made using newer techniques and materials. It is not just about wearing the latest tech gadgets or integrating technology into the outfit itself, but rather about how these clothes work and function in our daily lives. Techwear garments are designed for people who engage in physical activity while wearing them - such as motorcycling, hiking, climbing, cycling, etc. - or to turn heads on the street.

At its heart, techwear fashion is a blend of edgy cyberpunk and futuristic styles focusing on extreme functionality and durability. Outfits are characterized by a plethora of hidden and visible pockets, zippers, unique closures, and layering of different pieces.

Techwear fashion items usually combine different synthetic materials (like polyester, spandex, and PVC) or faux or real leather. The styles vary by designer and maker, but on the whole, pieces tend to be form fitting for performance purposes and to show off the body's curves.

Why are Futuristic and Cyberpunk Clothes so Expensive?

Cyberpunk clothing is all about the design, materials, and next-level details. It takes a lot of time and creative effort for a brand to design a new product. The best quality pieces are made in small batches, resulting in higher production and material costs being passed on to customers.

Another factor to account for when looking at the price tag is the exclusivity of this fashion genre. Most big brands do not make these styles, so you have to search for specialty makers or shop online to find items. The emphasis is on the quality of an item, not the quantity, and you definitely get what you pay for. Although the initial cost is higher, you can expect whatever you purchase to be top-notch and last much longer than something mass-produced. If you see any techwear clothing go on sale, buy it before it sells out!

Recommendations on Where to Buy Futuristic Clothing

Remember - it is all about the design and quality of the products, so stay away from mega-corporations. Plus, you should search local makers for handmade items anyway. If you spot some budget cyberpunk clothing on Amazon, just know that it's probably made with inferior materials that won't last very long.

CRISISWEAR is our #1 pick for a site to buy a new dystopian outfit from. They make lots of options and their handmade items are on a whole different level - nothing compares to the quality. We are big fans of their pants because they look like someone time-traveled to 2077 and raided a fashion designer's secret stash. 

Shop Crisiswear

ETSY is another good option if you are in search of new gear. But buyers beware - some shops on Etsy are advertising knock-offs, so do your research before making a purchase to avoid being part of the problem.

Shop Etsy

Belts to Wear with Cyberpunk Outfits

Cyberpunk belts should be grey or black leather to complement the muted color of the fabric. They serve as a visual addition that enhances your outfit without overpowering it. Our belt designs will add the perfect vibe to your clothing and provide a high level of quality to match the rest of your wardrobe.

The Android Belt Buckle

Become a post-apocalyptic outer-world cowboy with the Android Belt Buckle on a Black Leather Belt. This futuristic belt buckle design looks like it is from another planet. Every belt is made by hand in a range of standard sizes and custom length belts for the perfect fit. We make four different leather colors to match the outfit you are putting together - black, slate grey, distressed grey, and brown.

Crisiswear's futuristic Netrunner MKII pants and jackets look beautiful with the Android belt buckle. Price: $105

The Android belt buckle is made with distressed metal to give any outfit an edgy twist. Our patented belt technology operates in a different way than any other buckle. Just push the button or turn the lever to unlock your belt with a satisfying click. A hidden sizing screw protects your leather from daily wear and tear.

the android opens and closes like nothing you've ever seen. Push the button or turn the lever to activate the magnetic mechanism and unlock your belt
The Aged Android belt buckle in action

Fractal 2.0 Belt Buckle

The new version of our best-selling Fractal buckle is the final piece of gear you've been waiting for to complete your collection. Its angular shape and quick-release magnetic lock will satisfy the sci-fi badass in anyone. One of the things we love about it is the color - it is available in two different metal finishes that will really set off your pants. The off-white Stone Fractal looks great with our signature slate grey leather, while the Black-Ops Fractal is the inspiration for an all-black outfit.

Stone Fractal 2.0 Belt Buckle

Shop the Stone Fractal 2.0

Black Ops Fractal 2.0 Belt Buckle

Shop the Black Ops Fractal 2.0

We hope you’ve enjoyed this brief introduction into the world of cyberpunk fashion, futuristic clothing, and techwear. If wearing clothes from a yet-to-be-discovered dystopian society sounds like the kind of thing you might be interested in, we invite you to shop our online store where we offer our line of absurdly cool belts and buckle designs. If not, keep us on your radar by signing up for our newsletter with your email address below.

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