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All Handmade Leather Belts

Traditional belts are boring, which is why we decided to change the game back in 2005. Our unique belt buckles use our patented technology to open in a cool way and protect your leather belt from wear and tear. Click the button, turn the dial, or slide the pin to unlock your buckle. The extra leather tucks behind for a clean look with no floppy belt strap.

Each of our cool locking belt buckles are made for our handmade leather belts. We use high quality vegetable tanned full grain leather from Milwaukee, Wisconsin in four colors - black, brown, distressed grey rough rider, and limited edition slate grey. All our products are made to order in standard men's belts sizes or a custom size for your exact waist size. Our belts can be worn by men or women with any style outfit - pants, kilts, and even dresses.