Collection: Limited Edition Belt Buckles & Leather

All Handmade Leather Belts

Traditional belts are boring, which is why we decided to change everything about the belt game back in 2005. Our unique belt buckle design uses our patented technology to open in a cool way and protect your leather belt from wear and tear. It's easy to open once you know the trick- just click the button, turn the dial, or slide the pin to unlock your buckle.

Collection: Limited Edition Belt Buckles & Leather

Beautiful Belt Buckles and Great Leather Belts

We wanted to flex our creative muscles with these unique, one of a kind buckles. These very limited edition handmade designs will not be made again - once a belt buckle style or leather color sells out, it's gone for good!

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Wear a Perfect Belt Size

Unlike other brands, all our items are made to order in standard men's belts sizes or a custom size to fit your exact waist size. Every strap has six belt holes to use to find the perfect fit. Our belts can be worn by men or women with any style outfit - pants, kilts, and even dresses.

When you order custom belt sizes, we save your waist measurements in your customer profile with your email address so you don't need to remember the size you wear. If you need help choosing the right belt, feel free to drop us a line on our customer service page. We could chat for days about belts. :)