Giving A Belt as a Gift? Here's How to Find the Right Size

Looking to give a belt as a gift this holiday season but aren't sure what size to buy? You came to the right place. Here is how to find the right belt size when buying a gift.

Measure Their Current Belt

Step 1: Lay the leather belt on a flat surface, like a table or floor. Be sure to pull the belt straight and put some pressure on it. Some belts have a lot of stretch to them. You want the measurement to be similar to when they wear their belt.

Step 2: Using the tape measure, measure from the buckle's connection point to the most used belt hole. Follow the diagram below exactly.

How to find your size from a traditional belt - measure from the buckle's connection point to the most used belt hole

Step 3. Select "CUSTOM SIZE" from the size options. Type in that you followed our instructions, then the belt measurement you got in Step 2. We will make the new belt fit the same as the belt you measured with a couple of inches of adjustment if their waist size changes.

select custom size from the belt size options. Type that you followed our instructions and then enter your current belt measurements

Can't Measure Their Belt? No Problem.

The general rule for belt sizing is men's pant size plus two equals belt size (i.e. if the pants size is 32, buy a belt size 34). The reason you buy a belt size up from pants size is to allow for a few inches of room in case their waist size changes.

Please note - This method is less accurate if the jeans are made from a stretchy material. If their jeans are stretchy, we recommend you measure their existing leather belt or buy two sizes up from their jean size to be safe (i.e. if their stretchy jean size is 32, buy a belt size 36).

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