man wearing star wars inspired sci-fi belt for cosplay in a galaxy far, far away

These sci fi belts are unreal!

At Obscure Belts we make futuristic-inspired belt buckles. We specialize in one-of-a-kind belts with details that are out of this world. Crafted from alloys, magnets, and full-grain leather, our cutting-edge accessories are more than a mere fashion statement - they push the boundaries of what a normal belt can do. With a simple twist or push of a button, your belt unlocks! Our sci-fi inspired belts are the rare instance where science-fiction fashion items are actually reality, one you can wear every day and especially great for cosplay and futuristic outfits.

Sci fi inspired belt with angular belt buckle - Fractal Belt

Step into the alt-future with this cyberpunk belt. The Fractal has angular lines that shatter into different planes, the perfect accessory to wear with Crisiswear's pants or as a modern utility belt or science fiction inspired belt. This magnetic buckle unlocks with the click of a button.

Stone Fractal Buckle on Black Leather Belt with Crisiswear Pants. The outfit has a fun cyberpunk feel.

Sci-fi belt with Curvy Belt Buckle - The Space Dial Belt

Coming in under the radar like a next-generation Star ship, the Space Dial is definitely not of this universe. The smooth curves and snappy magnetic buckle exude coolness and a comfortable for all-day wear in any waist size. Simply turn the center of the buckle to unlock your belt's potential. It's also available in a silver buckle color on black leather strap to for when you need to dazzle your enemies with your flawless style on your next cosplay adventure.

Person wearing cool arrowhead shaped belt buckle on a black leather belt with a navy blue shirt and faded black jeans.
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