Brief explanation about whether men's reversible leather belts are good value for money. One belt is not better than two.

Is a reversible mens belt worth the money?

You might think that buying a reversible belt is a thrifty and convenient option, but if you spend your money on one you'll quickly regret your decision. Reversible belts are the latest fast fashion trend, and like all cheaply made products, are designed to fail from the start. Here's everything you need to know about reversible belts and why they aren't worth the money.

TLDR: Don't buy reversible leather belts. They aren't worth the money!

What's a reversible belt?

wearing genuine leather belts is a risk. Looks great the first day, but quickly breaks down after you've worn it a few times

A reversible belt is one belt made with two different leather colors, typically black on one side and brown on the other. You can pull and twist the buckle to choose change which leather color is facing outward. Sounds great until you hear how they are made.

The basic construction of a reversible belt is a thin sheet of black leather glued to a thin sheet of brown leather, with a layer of "genuine leather" (read: a slurry of leather dust and more glue) sandwiched in between. If you're lucky, there might be some stitching to hold the whole mess together. You can't expect this Frankenstein belt to hold up very long because it's not meant to! This kind of product is designed to look good to start and fail spectacularly within less than a year, forcing you to spend more money on a new belt. What a waste!

Why do people buy reversible belts?

There is an undeniable allure to getting deals, and you might think it's a good value to get two different color belts for the price of one. Good idea in theory, but bad in practice. Are you saving any money by buying a new belt every year? Definitely not. You're better off buying one high quality leather belt that will last for years with proper care.

Reversible leather belts are the regrettable dual-purpose novelty of the fashion world. On the one hand, they offer the convenience of two belts in one. On the other hand, they're a disaster, a fashion faux pas of the highest order. And yet, people still buy them. Why?

genuine leather is not a heavy duty material. don't pay for low quality items just because they're the latest trends

There are a few possible explanations. Perhaps some people simply don't know any better. They see a belt that can change between two colors and think, "Hey, that's kind of cool." They don't realize that it won't last very long, or even more frightening, actually believe that reversible belts are actually stylish.

Are reversible belts good?

NO! Reversible belts are the poorest quality leather goods. The leather veneer starts peeling or flaking off almost immediately. There are tons of great options out there if you're looking for an affordable option that won't break your bank account. If you're looking for a good belt, check out our blog on the best types of leather for belts.

Can I buy a reversible designer belt?

No reputable leather artisan would make or sell a reversible belt. Any maker of high quality leather goods would laugh at the idea. You might think a reversible designer belt is better, but just because Gucci and Ferragamo sell these kinds of products at an astronomical price doesn't make them good! You're better off shopping from a local belt maker committed to using only the best quality leather. That's a true designer belt.

What type of belt should I buy?

Buy belts made with top grain or full grain leather in a size that fits you well. You don't have to shop at some fancy store or pay top dollar to get a good quality belt. Obscure Belts makes great quality leather belts at an affordable price and you can even request custom sizes! We offer free, fast shipping on any order over $100. You won't be disappointed with our belts. ;)

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I wish I read this before buying my reversible Fendi belt 23 years ago. It is starting to show signs of wear.

Garry Perkins

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