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The Best Mens Designer Belts for 2023

Belts are timeless accessories men can wear with any outfit. Wear them for formal styles to match suit pants for fancy events or dressed down for a relaxed look. There is no wrong way to wear a belt! Our collection of affordable men's designer belts will spice up your wardrobe and inject personality into everything you wear.

Sick of department store belts that never look good or fit right? Then you've come to the right place! Obscure Belts makes handcrafted leather belts with exceptional materials in fun styles and all sizes. Our custom belts fit small waists and big and tall guys alike. Get ready to see the best belts ever to grace a waistline!

Top 6 Men's Designer Belts for 2023

  1. Stone Fractal Belt on Black Leather
  2. Space Dial Belt on Distressed Grey Leather
  3. Satin Gunmetal Dial Belt on Black Leather
  4. Outlaw Belt on Brown Leather
  5. Micron Belt on Black Leather
  6. Black Ops Fractal Belt on Distressed Grey Leather

Edgy but Cool: Fractal Belts

Looking for a new belt that will make you stand out? Our Fractal belts are one of our best selling belts and the perfect way to show off your unique style. This style is a real head-turner - this buckle's edgy shape and distressed color are exclusive to Obscure Belts. Not only do Fractal belts look great, but they also feel great. Made using high-end full-grain leather, they are durable and comfortable to wear all day long. Plus, you can make adjustments to with the buckle to give you the perfect fit every time.

→ Shop the Fractal Belts

Stone Fractal on Grey Distressed Belt

Just say no to another boring, bland suede belt. Our distressed leather is thick and durable, with the perfect worn-in vintage touch from day one. Wear this unique grey belt with confidence!

The Fractal belt buckle has an edgy cyberpunk style that is perfect for casual wear with jeans and a t-shirt. Designer belt, men alt fashion.

Stone Fractal on Black Leather Belt

The angular distressed buckle on black leather is so subtle and stylish, the perfect stealthy accessory to complete your urban ninja look.

The Fractal 2.0 opens by pushing the quick-release trigger on the bottom of the buckle. You can hear a satisfying snap as the lock releases from the magnet inside. A blue flag pops out of the left side of the Fractal indicating the buckle is unlocked.

Accessories for Streetwear: Space Dial Belts

The Space Dial buckle is sure to satisfy those with more daring styles. The understated buckle is the perfect complement for industrial streetwear outfits. Wear it with your favorite designers dark denim and sneakers. Just twist the dial to unlock it!

→ Check out the Space Dial Belt

Space Dial on Distressed Grey Belt

Retro futuristic Dial 7 belt buckle turns like a safe lock. Grey distressed American leather. Custom belt sizes made to order.

Space Dial on Black Belt

Retro futuristic fashion Dial 7 belt buckle. Grey distressed American leather belt for jeans. Custom belt sizes. bifl edc

Classic Silver and Black Belts: Satin Gunmetal Dial

No wardrobe is complete without a black and silver belt. Our Satin Gunmetal Dials are a modern take on a classic look that never goes out of fashion. It is our best-selling design and fan-favorite fashion accessory. Purchase this belt in different colors at a fraction of the price you would spend on a basic belt from big designer brands.

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Satin Gunmetal Dial on Black Belt

Retro futuristic gunmetal belt buckle turns like safe lock. Full grain American leather black dress belts. Custom belt sizes.
Gunmetal Dial 7 belt buckle snaps open like a safe lock. Full grain American leather strap.

Casual Summer Belts: Outlaw Gun Buckle

If Italian leather or Louis Vuitton doesn’t hit the spot, how about some American luxury? Get ready to channel your inner cowboy with our Outlaw belt. We gave the Outlaw the full artisanal treatment - it opens with a BANG! when you pull the trigger and sports the best leather the Midwest can offer. This is the perfect belt to wear alongside some denim and cowboy boots. This belt is designed to be worn day in and day out with your casual wardrobe and even to a rodeo!

→ Shop the Outlaw Gun Belt

Outlaw on Full Grain Leather Belt

Gunmetal Outlaw magnetic western belt buckle. Cool unique lock opens with a bang when you pull the trigger. Adjustable belt size. EDC belt.
Close up of the waist of a person wearing revolver gun cowboy belt buckles on smooth black leather belt with faded black jeans and a grey t-shirt.

Everyday Couture: Micron Belt

Details matter if you want to stand out in a crowd. Sure, you could turn to wild combinations of color from your favorite designers, but not all of us look good in yellow, purple, and pink. You are better off embracing your inner haute couture muse and opting for a timeless style with elegant simplicity. The Micron transcends seasonal fashion and is our best belt for lightweight, everyday wear.

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Micron on Black Leather Belt

Gunmetal Micron small belt buckle with business casual clothing. Best belts for everyday fashion outfit. Modern men's style
Micron small silver belt buckle, black veg tan leather belt strap. Click magnet button to open. Elegant minimalist design. BIFL

Futuristic Fashion: the Black Ops Fractal

If your recent searches are dominated by statement pieces, look no further! The Black Ops Fractal Belt is one of those rare accessories that is unlike anything you have seen before. This buckle looks like it time traveled from a distant future to revolutionize our waistlines.

→ Shop the Black Ops Fractal Belt

Black Ops Fractal on Handmade Leather Belt

Black Ops Fractal cool cyberpunk magnetic belt buckle. Click button to open. Full grain leather belt, mens belts for jeans.

The next time you are in the market for a new belt, skip the department store designer belts and search for alternative brands. Shop all our amazing belts on our website store. We also offer and fast shipping internationally or a gift card!

Are luxury belts worth it?

Men's designer belts can be a worthy investment, but only if they are reasonable prices. We suggest investing in quality over quantity when it comes to buying the best belts. Buy a belt with an exciting buckle on a quality leather strap that you can wear every day as your signature look. Don't buy something absurdly expensive made with subpar materials or reversible leather, that is just a waste of your hard-earned dollars.

Which color belt is best?

The rule is to match the color of your belt to your shoes. The most common color of shoes is black, so a black belt is the best belt color. Black is a neutral color that goes with everything and is slimming and flattering. Plus, a great black belt will never go out of style.

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