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Black Belts

We pride ourselves on having the most unique and beautiful selection of black belts around. Each handcrafted belt has its own special features and distinct look to it, but they all can be worn as a statement piece with anything from jeans to dress slacks! Black is a color that never goes out of style. Adding a black belt to your wardrobe ensures you'll always have a timeless, classic look. If you are looking for an awesome belt that will never go out of fashion, pickup one today!

We make the Best Men's Leather Belts

Our handmade black leather belts use thick, full grain leather made in the USA. Black leather men's belts are at the top of the list for any man's wardrobe. They are the perfect accessories for a fancy outfit like a suit and tie for formal occasions or with your favorite pair of men's jeans as a casual belt.

Cool Belt Buckles

Each leather belt comes with one of our unique belt buckles. We design each of our buckles to open in a cool way and our patented hardware protects your leather belt from wear and tear. Click the button, turn the dial, or slide the pin to unlock your buckle. The extra leather tucks behind for a clean look with no floppy belt strap.

Get a Custom Sized Black Leather Belt

All our products are made to order in standard men's belt sizes or a custom size to fit your exact waist size. They're the same great price, no matter what belt size you buy. Our full grain leather belts can be worn by men or women with any style outfit - pants, kilts, and even on the waist with dresses.

We make a variety of belt styles to fit your unique taste. If you're in search of something specific, you can filter the items in our shop by the belt buckle or leather color that matches your style, or check out our belt buying guide.

We have almost 20 years of experience making our cool belts. Check out hundreds of five-star customer reviews from happy belt wearers.

Looking for more colors? We also make full grain leather brown and grey belts, and distressed leather belts. The only thing you won't find on our site are cheap genuine leather belts and here is why.

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