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COMING SOON! Outlaw Gun Buckle on Western Leather Belt

COMING SOON! Outlaw Gun Buckle on Western Leather Belt

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A small limited first run will be available in early December and shipping in time for the holidays. Join the waitlist below.

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Product Details

The Outlaw is back by popular request! Our cowboy belt buckles take their design cues from the Wild West's infamous Peacemaker revolver. The dark silver gunmetal finish shows off the barrel of the buckle, rustic filigree, and quick-release trigger. When you're ready to open your belt, just push the trigger on the bottom to open your belt with a satisfying snap. Get ready to unleash your inner cowboy. Yeehaw!

About the Leather

Our handmade western belts use one solid, thick strap of leather that is durable to withstand years of use. This high-quality vegetable-tanned leather is specially made in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The full grain black and brown belts have a deep luster and smooth texture; the distressed grey leather has a worn-in vintage texture. Our belts are great styled with jeans for a casual outfit and can be used for everyday carry.

We make all our leather belts to order in standard and custom belt sizes. The leather strap is 1-½ inch wide with six belt holes for size adjustment. You can change your belt size by unscrewing and moving the sizing stud to a different hole.

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Outlaw Gun Belt 3.0 Project Updates

A small limited first run will be available in early December and shipping in time for the holidays.

It's official - we are bringing back a new and improved Outlaw! The gunslinger-inspired belt buckle was a fan favorite right from the start when we introduced it in 2012.

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product testing machine pushes trigger of gun belt buckle repeatedly to simulate years of wear.

October 2022: Product Testing

Product testing was conducted to simulate 10 years of wear through over 73,000 open-close cycles. The buckle performed well in the tests, and no issues were found. The Outlaw 3.0 is a go! Let the buckle-making commence!

gun belt buckle prototype and parts with design inspiration images of historic guns and gunslingers.

June - September 2022: Metal Prototype

The metal prototype is created. The resculpted Outlaw belt buckle takes design cues from the infamous Peacemaker gun of Wild West fame. We reconfigured the buckle's internals and added a new double magnet setup for extra snappiness, so it opens with a BANG!

initial design process showing iterations of the gun belt buckle graphic design

January - April 2022: Start Designing

The design process begins on the Outlaw 3.0 buckle. This includes hours of research into antique guns, the history of the Wild West, and the creation of multiple wooden models. Bryan completed the final wooden prototype in April.