Best Gun Belt vs Regular Belt vs Tactical Belt

Choosing the right concealed carry belt, or CCW belt, can be a daunting task. Broadly speaking, there are three different types of gun belts: leather gun belts, reinforced gun belts, and tactical belts. Each style has advantages and disadvantages, but the best gun belt for you depends on how you intend to use your belt. Here's everything you need to know before you shop for a leather gun belt vs regular belt for everyday carry.

What is the difference between leather gun belts and regular belts?

The difference between a leather gun belt and a regular belt is that leather gun belts are designed to carry the additional weight of a holster and gun. Gun belts are made with stiffer, thicker leather than your typical department store belt. A normal everyday belt lacks the strength and rigidity to hold up much more than your pants.

Close up of the waist of a person wearing revolver gun cowboy belt buckles on smooth black leather belt with faded black jeans and a grey t-shirt.

Key features of our casual gun belts

Our leather gun belts are like no other belts you've ever seen. Our infamous gunslinger gun belt buckle, the Outlaw, is inspired by classic revolvers of the American Wild West with a dash of Texas style. Push the trigger button on the bottom to make the gun buckle shoot open with a BANG! The Outlaw is a great belt to make a big statement with any outfit you wear. Our premium gun belts are made with thick, durable leather and are comfortable for everyday wear for concealed carry.

  • Thick full grain leather - We exclusively use 9 oz full grain vegetable tanned leather from Milwaukee, WI to make all our leather belts. The 1-½" width fits through most standard belt loops on jeans, casual pants, and even some dress pants, making it a comfortable belt for everyday carry.
  • Durable metal hardware - You won't be disappointed by the durable construction of our unique buckles. The buckle uses a combination of metal, steel, and magnets to reliably lock your belt.
  • Patented locking mechanism - Our one-of-a-kind buckle design does double duty: it opens in a fun way and protects your belt from wear and tear. We use premium materials for the buckle and the leather, so you can be sure it will hold up to constant use.
  • Quick release buckle - Push the quick release trigger to unlock the Outlaw with a snap! The extra leather lays neatly inside for a clean, professional look and no floppy belt strap.
  • Custom sizes for the perfect fit - We offer all standard and custom sizes for all our belts. Just give us your measurements through the loops of your favorite pants and over your owb or iwb holsters to get the perfect fitting edc belt.

What is a reinforced gun belt?

Steel reinforced gun belts are a style of concealed carry belt made with two layers of leather with a thin piece of flexible steel sandwiched glued or stitched in between. These belts are a favorite of law enforcement professionals and notoriously uncomfortable and a bit stiff for everyday carry for the average belt wearer.

Some belts are made with a hidden track or ratcheting system for an infinitely adjustable belt size, but we find these are not as reliable for heavy-duty use.

Key features of reinforced gun belts

  • Flexible steel core sandwiched between thin leather or nylon makes the belt very rigid but also difficult to break in
  • Leather gun belts' different layers are stitched and or glued together to mimic the look of a normal belt made with cheap genuine leather
  • Some use a hidden track or ratcheting system not designed for heavy duty use as edc belts

What is a tactical belt?

Tactical gun belts are a specialized type of durable nylon belt for open carry. They are typically used by security or law enforcement professionals and are commonly found in military uniforms. Unlike regular belts, tactical belts are designed to carry a holster and additional gear or equipment in easily accessible pouches attached to the belt. They are heavy and uncomfortable to wear for long periods, making them a painful choice for everyday wear.

Key features of tactical belt or nylon belt

  • Tactical belts are used by military or law enforcement as part of their job
  • Durable nylon webbing is usually two inches or wider to support additional gear but is unlikely to fit through the belt loops on regular pants.
  • Configurable attachments using D-rings or velcro to hold equipment
  • Usually utilized an aluminum alloy cobra buckle or quick release buckle

Should I Get A Tactical Belt or a Leather Belt for Concealed Carry?

The choice of a tactical belt for open carry or a leather gun belt for concealed carry depends on what you value most in gun belts. If you intend to wear your belt for everyday carry, opt for a comfortable leather belt made with good quality full grain leather custom fit for your waist size.

If you need a heavy-duty belt for carrying equipment for your job, opt for a tactical belt. You will sacrifice some comfort to carry additional gear, but it's worth it if a duty belt is an essential part of your uniform. Tactical belts get heavy when fully loaded with equipment, so look for a buckle known for having a durable and reliable buckle design.

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