3rd wedding anniversary gift ideas related to leather goods to celebrate 3 years together

Leather Anniversary Gifts: 7 Gift Ideas to Celebrate a 3rd Wedding Anniversary

It's hard to believe it's been three years since you said I do! Congratulations on reaching this amazing milestone. Time to celebrate your third wedding anniversary with a gift that will last and be cherished forever. If you're having a hard time picking out the perfect third anniversary gift for the love of your life, then this blog post is for you. We'll cover different types of third year anniversary gifts for every personality and style, and what to look for in a gift that will last a lifetime.


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What is the Traditional Third Anniversary Gift?

Leather is the traditional third anniversary gift because it symbolizes something that gets better with age. It has long been a sign of strength and durability and is the perfect way to commemorate your marriage. Like your relationship with your significant other, well-cared for leather ages it develops a soft patina that will add to its character and beauty. Leather wedding anniversary gifts are meant to last a lifetime, so be sure to search for leather gifts for men that are durable, functional, and well crafted. Now's not the time to buy a cheap, low quality gift.

slate grey leather develops a beautiful patina with age, making a perfect long lasting anniversary gift


What is the Modern Third Anniversary Gift?

The modern gift to give for a third wedding anniversary is crystal or glass. Crystal gifts represent the clarity and purity of your commitment to each other. They are meant to help you reflect on the beauty and fragility of marriage in its early stages. This 3rd anniversary theme sends a sweet message, but we've all had enough time to reflect on the fragility of life this past year. Can we maybe pass on crystal or glass third anniversary gifts for a while and opt for something more fun?

picture of a broken glass or crystal vase for the anniversary. leather is more durable


Best Leather Anniversary Gifts - Belts

So the easiest, most obvious leather anniversary gift to give is a leather wallet, leather gloves, a leather bracelet, or a personalized leather journal right? But we all know that physical wallets and journals are on their way out, and if you live in a cold climate leather gloves won't keep you warm enough. The perfect accessory to gift is one that is crafted to stand the test of time, with as much durability as your marriage.

In our opinion, the best leather anniversary gift to give your husband or wife is a belt. This may sound like an odd choice because belts are not generally considered gifts, but they can be! Belts show that you care about the person's appearance and want them to keep looking their best. There are lots of different products out there to choose from. Here are some great gift ideas that celebrate your partner's style and personality.


Leather Gift for the Traditionalist- the Dial Belt

The Dial belt is the perfect wedding anniversary gift for the partner with a classic style who appreciate well-engineered presents. It has a sleek, clean look that can be styled every day with jeans or dressed up with slacks and a dress shirt. This is the kind of accessory that can become part of their everyday wardrobe and look better as it ages. With proper care, you can expect a Dial Belt to last for many years.

skip the toiletry bag or leather bracelet this anniversary. get a dial belt
Satin Gunmetal Dial Belt on Black Leather


Unique Leather Gift - the Excalibur

For the partner that likes to stand out in a crowd, we recommend an Excalibur belt. The leather strap and buckle are hand-crafted with high-quality vegetable-tanned leather and durable metal. The belt opens by pulling a pin to reveal a unique hidden design of a Kraken monster on the back. the leather will patina with use to give this belt a beautiful vintage look that is truly one of a kind.

don't buy genuine leather, buy distressed leather. excalibur on grey rough rider
Excalibur on Grey Rough Rider Distressed Belt


Stylish Leather Gift - the Micron Belt

The perfect gift for the modern man in your life is a Micron belt. This stylish leather dress belt is made from a single piece of 1.25" wide handcrafted leather, the perfect width for suit pants. It features an elegant, satin buckle with a refined look. Simply push the button on the bottom to open your belt. More subtle than our other designs, the Micron is your go-to gift for any man looking to upgrade his wardrobe with something new and different.

celebrate 3 years as a couple with the with micron with a suit
Micron on Black Dress Belt (1.25" wide belt strap)


Minimalist Gift for Him or Her - the Skeleton Belt

The Skeleton belt is perfect for the person who loves leather belts but wants to be subtle. They want to express themselves through their appearance and love modern designs. The Skeleton's simple belt strap is handmade with artisan full-grain leather. The belt buckle is sleek enough so it will pair well with most outfits. It is very easy to put on and take off - just push the quick-release button to open the Skeleton with one click.

skeleton belt on wife wearing jeans, leather jacket, pair of silver earrings, and a non traditional watch


Leather Gift for the Cool Spouse - the Android Belt

The Android belt is the perfect gift if your partner is too cool to wear anything from a big box store. This jaw-dropping belt buckle opens by pushing a button or turning a lever. It is handcrafted on distressed or full grain leather from Milwaukee, WI, and can be personalized in the leather color or custom size to match your spouse's distinct style.

android on crisiswear gear looks great on camera

Aged Android on Black Leather with clothing by Crisiswear


Gift for the Cosplay Fan - the Sundial

If you're significant other loves sci-fi and cosplay, this is the belt for them! The Aged Sundial on Brown Leather can be worn every day as a jeans belt, or styled with their Comic Con outfit. The shape of this unique buckle will play Jedi mind tricks on you, but it's easy to open and close. Just rotate the trigger back to unlock the buckle with a snap. The size can be adjusted to wear over a robe or through belt loops.

sundial is a great 3rd anniversary gift for cosplayers. no one needs a card holder
Aged Sundial buckle on Brown Leather Belt


Rare Leather Anniversary Gift - Limited Edition Belts

If you really want to wow your partner for your third wedding anniversary, consider gifting them one of our limited edition belts. These unique belts for men are only made in small quantities and once they're gone, that style is retired for good!

one of the limited edition belts, third wedding anniversary gift for husband, wife, or couple


Happy Third Wedding Anniversary!

As you can see, there are many different options when it comes to leather anniversary gifts for your significant other. Get them something they'll love and cherish by giving them a leather belt as an anniversary present today. All our belts are handmade with full-grain leather and can be personalized in different colors and custom sizes. If you have any questions about the belts we make or want to know how to measure for a belt, please don't hesitate to leave us a comment below!

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