handmade leather belts for big and tall men

Big and Tall Belts for Men

At Obscure Belts, we understand that looking good is about wearing the right fit. Our big and tall men's leather belts look good and are comfortable to wear. We handcraft our big belts using high-quality materials in many different styles and sizes. Whether you want something for formal suits or casual jeans, we've got your back (and waist)!

Men's Big Belt Sizes

The key to getting the right fit is to order a belt one size larger than your waist size. For example, if you wear a size 46 pants, buy a size 48 belt. Ordering one size larger gives you room to adjust your belt if your waist changes. The high-quality leather we use does not stretch very much, so be sure to measure your waist to get the most comfortable fit.

Looking for something outside the standard size range most brands carry? No problem! We make custom sizes for all our designs - just leave us a note with your waist measurements before placing your order. We keep belt sizes up to 48 in stock in most colors but don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our sizing.

Casual Belts for Big Men

Casual belts are great accessories to wear with most outfits. They add the right touch of style and sophistication to make you feel confident. We carry three standard color options: black, brown, and distressed grey.

Satin gunmetal belt buckle snaps like safe lock. Pair it with distressed grey leather belt for a cool everyday look

→ Shop the Satin Dial on Distressed Leather Belt

Retro futuristic Dial 7 belt buckle turns like a safe lock. Full grain brown leather belt. Brand: Obscure Belts

→ Shop the Space Dial on Brown Leather Belt

Retro futuristic Dial 7 belt buckle turns like a safe lock. Full grain American black leather belt. Custom belt sizes. bifl edc

→ Shop the Stone Dial on Black Leather Belt

If you need a big belt with big style, you won't go wrong with an Obscure Belt. Our casual belts are perfect for everyday wear to work, dressy occasions, and beyond. Made with durable full-grain leather belts and study belt buckles designed to last. We have more styles to choose from, so you're sure to find the perfect men's big and tall belts.

→ Shop our Handmade Leather Belts

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