How to Choose the Best Leather Belts for Fat Guys

If you're a big guy, you know how hard it can be to shop for a good belt. Most normal belt brands only carry standard sizes made of weak materials with boring buckles, when what you really want are big and tall belts with style and substance. Bigger guys should look for a quality leather belt made with good materials that are strong, sturdy, and dependable. You need a durable men's belt that doesn't dig into your belly! The best belt will fit your waist size and adjust to however you are wearing it, even if it's for concealed carry.

TLDR: custom-sized, full-grain leather belts with strong buckles are the best belts for fat guys

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Have a big belly? Get a custom size.

Big guys need good quality belts too! That's why we make our leather belts in almost any size. We can make most styles up to a size 48 belt in brown or black leather. Contact us before ordering if you need larger than a size 50 belt to make sure we have the material in stock.

A good reason to buy the proper size is that the right fitting belt will last you so much longer. When your belt fits your waist properly, there is less wear and tear on the material so you can keep wearing it for a long time.

What size gun belt should I get?

The size you should get depends on how you plan on carrying, but in general, buy a belt two sizes bigger than your pants size if you plan on using your belt for daily carry. For the best fit always measure your waist over your pants with the holster you plan on wearing most often. We can make a custom size to fit the measurements you provide, simply measure your waist using our guide to get the perfect fit.

If you like to wear a concealed carry holster, our custom-size belts are the best option for you. Our belts can be worn if you carry owb, iwb, or appendix carry. We will make a belt that will accommodate your waist as well as the weight of your holster and weapon.

How big is too big for a belt?

Your belt is too big if the end of your belt extends into more than one belt loop. Your belt should be long enough to reach the first belt loop past the buckle, but not into the belt loops along your side or back. Your belt is too long if you have so much extra strap that it is uncomfortable to wear.

Another good sign your belt is too big is if you have more than three or four extra holes to fit in. A good fitting belt should buckle in the middle of the belt holes, with enough room to adjust your size if your waist changes. If you have no holes left tighten your belt, your belt is too big!

Belt Buckles with Powerful Locks

The bigger the belly, the more important it is to have a secure belt buckle keeping your belt on. Our belt buckles are the coolest gear to hold your pants up in style. They are made with solid metal, secured with strong magnets to lock securely.

Best belt buckle for big guys: the Dial belt

Most bigger guys find our Dial belts to be the best fit. The buckle is small so it doesn't stick out, with a smooth shape so it doesn't dig into the belly. It locks securely with a simple turn. You can hear the buckle's lock click into place like a safety. We make the Dial in multiple styles, so these buckles are perfect to wear as a dress belt or casual belts. In our experience they are the best belts for fat guys.

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Full grain black leather belt with western gun belt buckle. Push the trigger to unlock.

Best buckle for gun lovers: the Outlaw

The Outlaw belt buckle is a great option if you're a big guy who likes guns. This one-of-a-kind buckle design looks like an old Western revolver gun. Just pull the trigger on the bottom to unlock your belt with a bang! While this isn't a tactical belt in the traditional sense, it is the most stylish gun belt you can buy for a big guy with a fun sense of humor.

Shop the Outlaw Belt
we make our belts for fat guys with strong, thick leather

Look for a Full Grain Leather Belt

The most important part of any belt is the leather. You want to look for something strong and sturdy - the belt strap should be thick enough to stand up to abuse, but not so stiff that it's uncomfortable to wear. Full-grain leather is the best material to use for a long-lasting belt for fat guys. We make our belts with a single thick piece of the highest quality full-grain leather. It will never split or crack as a cheaper strap might. The material is strong enough to carry the weight of a holster or other gear, but supple enough to be comfortable from the very first wear.

Shop Full Grain Leather Belts

What bigger guys should avoid in a belt

Leather is undoubtedly the best material to make belts for bigger guys. When looking for a new belt, avoid the following belt materials: nylon belts, genuine leather belts, reversible belts, rope belts, and any belts made with stretchy materials. These are terrible options and are not worth the money! They may seem like comfortable belts, but they are typically such poor quality that you end up replacing them within a few months.

Bigger guys should also avoid sliding buckles if they want a belt that will last a long time. Don't be fooled by claims of more accurate sizing and infinite adjustment. These ratcheting belt buckles are just zip ties for your waist and are not designed to last. Instead, opt for a durable leather belt with a sturdy buckle that can provide adequate support. Save yourself the hassle and invest in a great belt you won't have to worry about breaking.

Gun Belts for Big Guys FAQ

Is leather or nylon better for a tactical belt? It depends.

Some tactical belts are made with two layers of nylon material with a thin piece of steel sandwiched in between. Undoubtedly, reinforced nylon belts are a good design for a tactical gun belt for law enforcement or military use, but they aren't the most comfortable belts to wear for most folks, especially for bigger guys. It's too stiff to wear for long periods, digs into the belly, and will never adjust to fit your body shape. A thick leather belt is a good compromise if you're looking for a quality gun belt for concealed carry but don't fit in the standard range most tactical belts are made in. Check out our other blog post to learn more about the different types of gun belts.

How thick should gun belts be for a concealed carry holster?

A 1-½ inch wide belt strap is a good size for a gun belt. Most concealed carry holsters will be able to slide onto that width belt. Of course, always check with the manufacturer of your carrying accessories to see if this width is suitable.

Fun fact: skinny guys with small pant sizes have just as hard a time finding good fitting belts!

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