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The Coolest Black and Silver Belt of 2022

A black leather belt with a silver belt buckle is an essential detail to add to any wardrobe. This classic look adds personality and style to any outfit. If you're in search of the perfect belt to change up your look, then you've found it!

Men's Black and Silver Belts

Black and silver belts are a classic staple of any man's wardrobe. This color combination will never go out of style! Dress a black belt up with a sports jacket, or wear it casually with a leather jacket and jeans. Whatever your style, a black belt with a silver belt buckle will bump it up a few notches and is the best belt you could own.

Satin Dial Buckle on Black Leather Belt

Man wearing black leather belt with silver belt buckle on dark jeans by a modern art museum

Our Satin Dial buckle pairs well with a black full-grain leather belt for an affordable designer look.

Space Dial Buckle on Black Leather Belt

Mens black and dull silver leather belt. Turn the center of the buckle to unlock it with a snap.

Our Space Dial buckle has an eye-catching antique silver look that goes well with black full-grain leather. Just turn the buckle like a safe to unlock it. The weathered grey color is very versatile. 

Fractal 2.0 on Black Leather Belt

Futuristic angular men's belt buckle in dull silver color with black leather belt

The Fractal 2.0 belt buckle is one of our newest arrivals. The dull silver buckle color looks great with black leather.

Black and Silver Women's Belts

We can make our women's belts any length, making them versatile accessories. You can wear them at your natural waist for a cinched look over a dress or on the hips with jeans for a casual, everyday style. Here are our best silver and black belts for women.

Satin Gunmetal Ohm 2.0 Belt

This one-of-a-kind belt buckle looks like a fancy Ohm symbol! It is fantastic with a monochromatic dress and your favorite pair of heels. Ohm belts can be worn as waist belts or hip belts, depending on the outfit.

fashion flat lay for women. dark chrome buckle resembles the Ohm symbol with black leather strap, stylish dress, simple jewelry, black leather heels, and red leather bag

Black Chrome Ohm Belt

There's nothing more stylish than an understated, chic accessory. The Black Chrome Ohm on Black Leather fits the bill - the black on black details of this designer belt are a must have for your next night out.

No other brand or store makes waist belts quite like Obscure Belts. The ohm symbol metallic black buckle and black leather belt for women is chic.

Polished Ohm on Black Leather Belt

Looking for a statement piece? You won't go wrong with the Polished Ohm - the bright silver belt buckle really pops against an all black outfit.

women wearing a size 32 black leather belt with silver belt buckle on a black dress

Aged Skeleton on Black Leather Belt

If you're after a more casual look with jeans, the Aged Skeleton is the perfect everyday belt. The dull silver buckle pairs with a black leather belt strap for an understated look.

Woman wearing a simple dull silver and black leather belt with with demin and a women's leather moto jacket

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