Ruler showing the width of the belt strap with the words why are belts 1-½ inches wide?

Why are men's 1-1/2" leather belts the standard?

You may have noticed that most leather belts are the same width. The 1-½ inch wide leather belt is the most common width for casual leather belts. This size leather belt size was designed to fit perfectly through the loops of most manufacturers' casual pants, like jeans or khakis.

Because of their near-universal fit, 1-½ inch leather belts are a great style to wear every day. They are one of the most versatile accessories for men - you can wear them as work belts to the office, or dressed up to go out.

What is the difference between a dress belt and a casual belt?

The dark brown dress belt is 1.25 inches wide. The casual black leather belt is 1.5 inches wide

Casual belts and dress belts are different sizes because the loops on dress pants and jeans are different. The size of the belt loops on your pants determines which type of belt you should wear.

How wide is a casual belt?

belt width measurement showing a normal belt at exactly 1-½ inches

Casual belts are 1-½ inches wide. Casual pants, like jeans, are usually made with thicker fabric and have wider belt loops. A wider casual belt will easily fit through the belt loops on a pair of jeans and give the outfit a more relaxed style.

How wide is a dress belt?

Dress belts are usually 1-¼ inches wide. A narrower belt will fit through the smaller belts loops and won't weigh down the lightweight fabrics most dress pants are made with. The narrower belt gives formal outfits a more sophisticated look.

Micron elegant gunmetal men’s full grain leather dress belt. Pull the trigger to unlock the magnetic locking belt buckle.

Which type of belt is best?

The best belt is the one that fits you on the middle hole, matches your style, and is built to last. When it comes to daily driver leather belts, without a doubt full grain leather belts are the best quality. They develop a beautiful leather patina with age and won't crack or split if properly maintained. Plus, who can resist that great leather smell? If you're in the market for a new casual belt, we recommend going with a classic black belt with a silver buckle, like the Series 7 Dial.

Dial Buckle on 1-1/2 inch Black Leather Belt

Gunmetal Dial 7 belt buckle on black full grain leather belt unlocks with a turn. These styles make great work belts. Model wears pant size 32, belt size 34

If you're looking for a new leather belt to wear for work, our own favorite buckle is the Satin Gunmetal Dial. This buckle's one-of-a-kind style and impeccable quality will transition perfectly from boardroom to boardwalk. We also make it on a brown full grain leather belt and grey distressed leather belt.

Gunmetal Dial 7 belt buckle snaps open like safe lock. Brown full grain leather belt available in any size. Free shipping over $100Retro futuristic gunmetal belt buckle snaps like safe lock.Grey distressed leather belt available in any size. Free shipping over $100

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Full grain leather belt vs genuine leather belts

There really isn't a comparison - full grain leather belts are far superior quality to genuine leather belts. You can expect a full grain leather belt to be very durable and last a long time without showing signs of wear. Their quality is reflected in their higher price, but it's worth every penny if you only have to buy a belt once.

Genuine leather belts are the particle board of belts. They look cheap, smell like plastic, and will start to break down within months. You can expect the "leather" to start cracking and splitting with minimal use. Genuine leather is a gimmick and a waste of money.

wearing a genuine leather belt is a risk. Looks great the first day, but quickly breaks down after you've worn it a few times

No matter your pant size, our full grain leather belts are a strong, comfortable choice for your waist. We make every strap with six holes for adjustment so you can keep wearing your belt even if your waist size changes. We even make belts for size 30 waist! All our leather hides are made in the USA in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Don't believe us? Checkout our over 500 5-stars reviews from our customers. And remember - don't guess your size, always measure your waist. 😉

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