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Buying Leather Belts Made in USA is Worth It

If you're looking for a belt that will last and look great, then buying a belt made in the USA is worth it. Here are some of the reasons why:

  • The materials used to make belts in America are high quality and durable. This means they'll last much longer than mass-produced goods.
  • Small businesses like ours make items with superior craftsmanship because their livelihoods depend on it - this results in well-made belts!
  • You can have a custom sized belt made just for you so you get the correct size the first time!

Buying a belt made in America means you get more than just an accessory to finish off your outfit. You are supporting your local economy and ensuring you are getting a quality product that will last for many years.

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A Great Leather Belt Starts with Quality Materials

There's nothing worse than buying an average department store belt only for it to start falling apart after a couple of wears. When you buy a new belt from us, it's made by hand with impeccable quality materials and will last for many years.

Full Grain Leather Belts

belt maker using tools to cut a leather belt strap from a made in usa full grain leather cowhide

Full grain leather is by far the best, most durable type of leather for belts. We take pride in the belts we make by hand using only locally sourced cowhides - no synthetic or leather by-products here! We make our belts exclusively out of American full grain leather raised in the USA and tanned in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Our leather belts are thick but comfortable, perfect as casual wide belt with jeans or a formal dress belt for work.

Looking for a black belt or brown belt? We make belts in both brown and black full grain leather, as well as in our signature grey rough rider distressed leather for a vintage look and one-of-a-kind style.

What you won't find in our shop: genuine leather belts. We believe in making high-quality products that will last through years of abuse and still look great. Genuine leather makes cheap belts designed to break apart. No thank you, we don't cut corners.

Cool Belt Buckles

No leather belt is complete without a stylish belt buckle to match. You won't find anything quite as unique or cool as the belt buckles we make. We developed and patented a special type of locking buckle that looks awesome, has an easy way of opening, and protects your leather belt from everyday wear and tear.

diagram with visual description of how an obscure belt buckle works. we make the best belt designs

Every Obscure buckle has a different way of opening - click the button, pull the pin out, or turn the lever to unlock your belt. The buckle attaches to a special sizing screw that takes the brunt of daily abuse, keeping your leather looking brand new. They are real conversation starters and the quality of our handmade products can't be beaten. They are great belt buckles built to last!

Before we sell a new design, we put our belt buckles through rigorous stress tests to make sure they keep working for years. Check out the Fractal 2.0 buckle - we made a machine to simulate 10 years of use every day by someone with a tiny bladder. That's over 73,000 open/close cycles and the new Fractal was still going strong!

durability testing machine for the fractal casual belt buckle. discount codes calculated in your cart

What you won't find in our store: the same old tired mass-produced buckle designs other businesses carry and sell by the thousands. That's just not who we are, and that's not what our customers are after.

The Perfect Size Belt for Your Waist

how to measure through the belt loops of pants for the perfect fit custom size belt. order a belt size one to two larger than your pant size

Every single leather belt we sell is handmade to order by us in our workshop in Kenosha, Wisconsin. We make standard belt sizes as well as custom sizes, something you will never find at a big department store. We pay attention to the smallest details and ask questions like - will you wear this at your natural waist, or through the belt loops of your pants, or both? We guide you through the process to measure for your belt, and whatever your style, you can be sure the belt size you get will fit well. We can also help you find the the perfect gift for the belt-wearer in your life.

Awesome Customer Service

When you buy from a small business you can be assured of the best customer service and the best value for your money. You don't have to take our word for it though - read the rave customer reviews hundreds of belt wearers have left us:

Close up of the waist of a person wearing a futuristic belt buckle on smooth black leather belt with faded grey jeans and a black t-shirt.

Stone Fractal Buckle on Black Belt made with only the best materials and built to last.

Very Happy

"Outstanding service from this company! It was my first time ordering here and I'm pleased with the quick shipping process. When I opened the box the belt arrived in a nice bag. It's exactly what I wanted! The craftsmanship is gorgeous. A hand-written thank you note was included and I appreciate the extra time they took to do that. Thank you guys for being so amazing at what you do!"
- Madelyn

Person wearing small silver belt buckle with black leather belt on dark blue jeans with business casual sweater
Series 7 Dial is a fashionable silver and black belt you can wear everyday, even as a work belt
Love my new belt!

"Great quality, unique and just love all three of belts (two I have owned for 12 years!) The leather is the highest quality, the buckles still look like brand new. I am so happy with my new one I just purchased! Best of all, their customer service is based on the "personal touch" and I highly recommend them."
- Janet

it's a good sign when customers rave about our great products and heavy duty mens leather belts after 15 years of wear
Ohm Belts are made with high quality leather to fit perfectly to your waist size. They make a great dress belts! 
When heavy duty cool turns into a symbol.

"High quality start to finish. I have this in a 42 inch size, I now needed a custom sized Ohm. Brian Schultz is excellent to deal with. Combined with his top shelf leather and artistic styled buckle. My Original Ohm is still in great shape after 15 years..."
- Johnathan

read more of our customer reviews here

The best belts are made right here.

All in all, there are a lot of benefits to buying an American made leather belt. Leather belts made in USA are the best! There is something undeniably special about the quality materials and superior craftsmanship that you’ll find from a local belt maker. Plus, we make custom sizing easy for anyone, something you won't find at a big department store or average leather shops. You may think owning a handmade leather belt is too expensive, but you'd be wrong! The price of supporting a small business is more affordable than you expect - just take a look at our collection of belts and see for yourself.

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Close up of the waist of a person wearing revolver gun cowboy belt buckles on smooth black leather belt with faded black jeans and a grey t-shirt.
Outlaw Gun Belt

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