Leather artisan cut full grain leather straps for mens casual belt in custom sizes. Soft, flexible and durable products

Are soft leather belts good?

Owning a soft leather belt is an affordable everyday luxury. These types of belts feel silky to the touch, fit comfortably around your waist, and look effortlessly chic with any outfit. The trick is finding a belt made with the right balance of soft but durable leather.

Description: artisan unrolling a hide of soft leather in a grey color for making a custom belt. The leather looks soft to the touch

We make our soft leather belts using the best quality full grain and distressed leather. Our leather hides are exclusively made for us by expert tanners in the heart of Milwaukee, WI. We hand-cut every belt strap and offer custom sizing for the perfect belt size to fit your waist. Our belts are available in three colors - black, brown, and distressed grey. These belts feel soft to the touch, are durable, and look great for any occasion or everyday wear with jeans.

We make our products in your choice of three color leather belts - black, brown, and distressed grey.

Shop our site to see all our handmade leather belts. And don't forget - we offer free shipping on any US order over $100 and custom sizes for most belts.

Do leather belts soften?

Yes, leather belts soften! How much they soften depends on the unique recipe the tannery used to make the leather, the cut of leather hide, how often it is worn, and how it is cared for. Check out our article on the best leather for making belts to learn more.

How do I soften my leather belt?

A full grain leather belt will soften with regular use over. Initially, a good quality belt is stiff. As you wear it, the warmth from your body softens the leather, and the belt will start to mold to your unique body shape. The more you wear a leather belt, the more comfortable it feels around your waist. Make sure you take time to regularly maintain your belt to ensure normal wear doesn't turn into permanent damage.

Description: Stone Fractal cool belt buckle on soft black leather belt for jeans and cyberpunk pants. Black leather belts handmade with American leather. 1-1/2 inch width.

Our Fractal belts are made with full grain leather that ages beautifully. The unique belt buckle is a show stopper!

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