ideas for men's perfect valentine's day gift - buy him a belt!

10 Best Men's Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Valentine's Day is just around the corner! If you are still struggling to come up with a creative idea for your significant other, we are here to help.

A good Valentine's Day present shows how much the person means to you. It doesn't have to be costly or over-the-top, just a thoughtful and sweet gift. The best gifts show that you've taken time to think about what would be meaningful to them. Although there aren't any hard rules for giving gifts, we recommend something with a personal touch.

A leather belt is a great Valentine's Day present to show your guy how much he means to you. It's a more personalized gift he'll love and wear every day for years.

Here are 10 creative leather belts that are the perfect Valentine's gift for the special man in your life to keep him smiling all year long.

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Series 7 Dial Belt

The Dial belt is perfect for him with a new pair of jeans to enjoy outdoor adventures in style or dressed up for special date nights. This belt is the perfect Valentines Day gift to show how much you love and appreciate your guy and his classy style. He will thank you every time he wears it, which will be A LOT. A well-made leather belt like the ones we make will last for years. Whether it's a gift for your husband or boyfriend, he'll love this for Valentine's Day.

the Satin Dial on Brown leather belt is a classic gift that will last a long time

Series 7 Dial on Brown Leather

Awesome Belt!

All good!! these belts..finally someone made belts that are great aesthetically..and functional as ****!!..5stars!!✌️

Gary G. about the Satin Gunmetal Dial on Brown Leather

the satin dial on black leather belt is the perfect present to give the guy in your life.

Series 7 Dial on Black Leather Belt

Fantastic service and love the unique belts. I own many of the different models and fun to get comments from folks on how unique the belts are.

Darren B. about the Satin Gunmetal Dial on Black Leather

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Fractal 2.0 Leather Belt

The Fractal belt is a little edgier and has a cool angular look. It is a perfect gift for that boyfriend who lives in jeans and a t-shirt and wouldn't mind joining a rock band. It is a fun gift he'll love to wear all the time and show off to his friends.

the black-ops fractal belt buckle on black leather looks great for jeans. this gift will definitely get him out of the man cave!
Black Ops Fractal 2.0 on Black Leather Belt

Best Belt Ever

I was given one as a gift probably over 6 years ago. Since then I have given 2 as a gift and just bought a different design for myself. Incredibly durable, stylish, and in all those years never lost the belt stud. At one point one of the little screws in the back got lost and I got a free replacement... I wear this belt every day! I'm sure I will buy more as gifts as well as different designs for myself. Well made!

Ken Y about the Fractal on Black Leather Belt

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Skeleton Belt

The Skeleton belt is a perfect gift for that guy who loves gadgets and is fascinated by how things work. It is subtle enough to wear to work with slacks, out on a date night, or to celebrate special occasions.

the Aged Skeleton is a minimalist belt buckle on black leather belt. click the magnet quick release button to unlock

Quality and Service

Richard, here from Edmonton, AB Canada. Excellent workmanship and delivery! The Team is quick to respond and provides alternative solution if the size is incorrect. Four Belts in total were ordered.

Richard M. about the Aged Skeleton on Black Leather Belt

The Aged Skeleton on Distressed Leather Belt looks great in summer or winter with a good looking pair of jeans

My husband loved his belt I bought him for Christmas. Thank you.

Sue K. about the Aged Skeleton on Black Leather Belt

Enigma Belt

This buckle is a stand-out color combination with a distressed silver color mixed with brass accents. This men's Valentine's gift will look great with any of our premium leather colors - black, brown, or distressed gray leather.

the aged enigma buckle has a hidden button in a brass color. push the magnetic quick release button to unlock your belt

Aged Enigma on Distressed Leather Belt

Amazing Belts

These belts are the best belts I have ever bought. The belt came exactly as I thought. I love this design! The belt will be used by my brother who is a landscaper. We choose the design specially because it is easy open and close, but the design is also so sleek it won't get caught on his equipment as his current belts do. I'm very excited to give it to him for Christmas!

Jillian S. about the Aged Enigma on Distressed Grey Leather Belt

the enigma's antiqued metal and brass buckle look great on streetwear style clothing for a cool and casual look for men

Enigma Buckle on Black Leather Belt


The buckle is a work of art and is absolutely beautiful. The belt itself is surprisingly robust and it feels great in the hands, and it looks fantastic. Because of the pandemic and the holidays creating the perfect storm for mail delays, I contacted Obscure Belts because I was concerned about my shipment being lost. They contacted me the same day and basically told me not to worry. That is customer service. I’m very pleased with every aspect of my interactions with Obscure Belts and I highly recommend their products.

Adam S about the Aged Enigma on Distressed Grey Leather Belt

Android Belt

This is just what you need for that guy who has a flair for standing out in a crowd. It has just the right amount of a sci-fi look and is the perfect gift idea that he'll never stop talking about.

push the button or turn the lever to unlock the Android Belt buckle. our belts make the best valentines day gifts for him

the Android belt buckle has a cool way to unlock

Superior Product on Every Level

This is by far the highest quality and most stylish belt I have ever owned. The mechanism is well designed and effortless. The leather is as good as it gets.

Jiya J. about the Aged Android on Black Leather Belt

wear the aged android belt buckle with denim and a nice t-shirt for a casual everyday look
Aged Android Buckle on Black Leather Belt with Jeans

Just Awesome!

Bought two android belts and I could not be happier with the quality! These will definitely last and they just look great on jeans! Looking to purchase more soon!

Emmanuel E. about the Android

Excalibur Belt

The Excalibur belt is perfect for the kind of guy that appreciates uncommon goods. This buckle is our first design to use a narrow leather strap and metal pin to lock the belt. Just slide the pin back to open the belt. He can wear the Excalibur belt with just about anything. This is the gift that'll be worn for years and years and be a treasured part of his collection.

pair the aged excalibur belt buckle with distressed leather belt for an industrial look. wear it with jeans for the best style.

Aged Excalibur on Grey Distressed Leather Belt

Very Happy!

Outstanding service from this company! It was my first time ordering here and I'm pleased with the quick shipping process. When I opened the box the belt arrived in a nice bag. It's exactly what I wanted! I purchased the aged excalibur on black leather. The craftsmanship is gorgeous. A hand-written thank you note was included and I appreciate the extra time they took to do that. Thank you guys for being so amazing at what you do!

Madelyn about the Aged Excalibur on Black Leather Belt

pull the pin from the excalibur belt buckle to unlock your belt in a cool and innovative way

Aged Excalibur Buckle on Brown Leather Belt

My Custom Size was Perfect!!

Thanks for taking the time to make sure I ordered the right size. It fit perfectly! I'll definitely be getting another one.

Sundee about the Aged Excalibur on Brown Leather Belt

Ohm Belt

Our carefully curated collection of handmade leather belts has a little something for everyone. If your man is the kind of guy that loves conversation pieces, the Ohm belt is for him. This ancient symbol means peace, love, and serenity - the perfect special message to send him in his valentine's day gifts.

the Polished Ohm buckle has a unique shape that means peace and serenity in sanskrit. Pair it with a black leather belt for a true statement piece.

Polished Ohm Buckle on Black Leather Belt

Love Your Belts

I have 4 now 5 of your belts and have bought many as gifts! Love the designs. Keep making new one please. They are the only belts I wear. I get many compliments! Thank you!

Randy R. about the Polished Ohm on Black Leather Belt

wear the black chrome ohm with an all black outfit for a goth style

Black Chrome Ohm Buckle on Black Leather Belt

Great Gift!

I bought the belt for my son and he loves it. And I love the way it looks on him. His girlfriend loves the serenity sign. Wonderful design and beautiful craftsmanship. Thanks so much!

Steve S. about the Black Chrome Ohm on Distressed Grey Leather Belt

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Sundial Belt

The Sundial belt buckle is a new and fresh take on the tired old, typical belt buckle. This belt's vintage feel is a welcome alternative to all the normal boring belts you find at big box stores. The Sundial’s distressed metal color is perfect for any guy looking for a break from traditional fashion styles. Giving him this on Valentine's Day will be a major upgrade to his wardrobe.

rotate the trigger back to unlock the sundial buckle's unique magnetic lock

Aged Sundial Buckle on Black Leather Belt

Beyond Perfect

Not only has the belt and buckle met my already high expectation but they have FAR exceeded it. The owner of the shop was also extremely helpful with a question I had so that is always a plus. My order even arrived earlier than estimated. The build quality on the buckle is amazing, it has a nice weight to it which is always a sign of a good high quality material. The mechanism works smoothly, the screw which locks the buckle in place is very easy to remove and adjust. When all is said and done this belt is the best belt/buckle combo I have ever owned!

Misery about the Sundial on Black Leather

the aged sundial looks awesome with a pair of distressed denim jeans and a cool t-shirt
Wear the Aged Sundial Belt with Jeans

Awesome Design and Mechanics!!

Awesome design and mechanics!! Love my purchase and the patience of you both in your customer service. Thanks!!

Chelsea P. about the Sundial on Brown Leather Belt

Micron Belt

Our Micron dress belt is the perfect sleek, minimalist belt for the man that never stops working. It is handmade with high quality leather from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The 1-1/4" narrow work belt will look good with both business and casual attire in one of our four different colors. The Micron will fit right in with a pair of cuff links and a tie bar to complete his set of stylish accessories.

Micron is a small belt buckle on a 1-1/4 inch leather belt that you can wear with dress pants or jeans for a sophisticated style.

Micron is a small belt buckle on 1-¼ inch wide leather belt

Great Customer Service

When USPS experienced a delay, they proactively reached out to me, and sent a second shipment via UPS, just to ensure the gift arrived by Christmas!! ...their product is unique and well made!

Lael B. about the Micron on Black Leather Belt

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Limited Edition Belts

This past year we released small batches of limited edition belt buckles. Our fans are going crazy for these - limited edition buckles are practically guaranteed to sell out within hours of announcing them. This extra special gift comes with any of our four leather colors for no extra charge, even our super soft limited edition slate grey leather! Sign up for our email newsletter and we will let you know when the limited editions are for sale.

limited edition belt buckles are one of a kind items made in very small quantities

Love These Belts

I own six of these belts now and they are all fantastic. The limited edition brass android version is super cool looking and I love it!

Scott B. about the Limited Edition Fe Dude Android Belt

Gorgeous and always put together well

I love this new belt. The colours are vibrant and the buckle is fun. Also Obscure Belts supports their work 100%. I had one belt lose a piece and they replaced it free of charge. This is a fantastic company!

Daniel P. about the Limited Edition Blue Galaxy Android Belt Buckle

Custom Sizes for the Perfect Fit

If you want to give him personalized gifts, we can custom make a belt to his exact measurements. For more information on placing a custom order, check out our guide on how to measure his old belt.

Each Belt Comes in a Cool Gift Bag and Recyclable Gift Box

we use eco-friendly packaging for all our products. reuseable gift bag and recyclable cardboard gift box

Every order ships in eco-friendly packaging - each belt is wrapped in its own reusable microfiber gift bag and recyclable gift box. This means you don't have to worry about wrapping any gifts. If he's a lover of the great outdoors he will feel good about not creating unnecessary waste.

Belts are the Perfect Gift for Valentine's Day

Nothing sends quite a sweet, personal message than a thoughtful gift that lasts years. Our creative and unique leather belts could be the best Valentine's day gift he's ever received. All our belts are handmade to order in brown, grey, or black leather in standard and custom sizes.

Each belt takes up to three days to make before it ships, so plan on placing your order a week to 10 days before Valentine's Day to get it in time. If you go out for Valentine's Day dinner you can easily hide this in your purse and surprise him with it after date night.

Of course, we make belts all year long and are good gift ideas for any special occasion! They make especially great leather gifts for your third wedding anniversary and aren't a bad idea if you want to score some bonus points with your significant other.

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