Cool Belts for Men 2023

The fashion world is constantly changing, and especially after the craziness of the past few years, it can be hard to know what the current trends are. We feel it's time to throw out the rulebook and use fashion accessories to express your own personal style, whatever it may be.

There are many different types of belts out there that you can wear with your outfits – from the classic utilitarian belt to the futuristic belt. It all depends on what belt style matches your personality! Here's our take on how to find the coolest belt for your waist.

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What makes the best belts and belt buckles?

Cool belts will make you stand out in a crowded world of bland sameness. There are two key details to consider when shopping for a new belt - the leather belt and the belt buckle. Search for leather goods brands that use durable, high-quality materials and can make you a size that fits your waist. We also have a detailed guide on what to look for in a good leather belt.

It's okay if you aren't sure what you are looking for. Obscure Belts makes a collection of stylish belts and cool belt buckles handmade with exceptional quality materials at affordable prices. No matter what your style is we make a belt to match it.

Best Techwear Belt - the Stone Fractal

The Techwear fashion trend is rooted in a futuristic and industrial approach to materials with a focus on durability, comfort, mobility, and protection. The Stone Fractal is exactly that - a belt designed to look like it's from the future, with a shape and function unlike anything else on the market, and built with high-quality leather and metal to last for years. Like all our belt buckle designs, the Fractal has a new tech way of opening - push the quick-release trigger on the bottom to open your belt. We love wearing Fractal belts with Crisiswear's futuristic clothing.

Stone Fractal Buckle on Black Leather Belt with Crisiswear Pants. The outfit has a fun cyberpunk feel.

Best Industrial Belt - the Space Dial

Those after an edgy yet elegant look will appreciate the Space Dial Belt. It is a statement piece that blends the styling of an industrial belt with our signature Grey Rough Rider distressed leather. The texture of this unique leather belt is durable and develops a patina with time.

The Space Dial uses our patented locking belt buckle to create an out-of-this-world look. We recommend wearing this bold accessory with denim jeans or leather pants.

Person wearing cool arrowhead shaped belt buckle on a black leather belt with a navy blue shirt and faded black jeans.

Best Belt for Futuristic Outfits - Black-Ops Fractal Belt

The Black Ops Fractal's distinct style is the perfect addition for those inspired by cyberpunk fashion and futuristic clothing. The buckle had an angular, edgy design with a distressed finish that looks straight out of the apocalypse. It feels like a tactical belt, and when paired with a distressed grey or black belt strap it is the perfect accessory to create your signature cyberpunk outfit. Click the quick-release button on the bottom of the buckle to unlock it. Pair the Fractal with Crisiswear's gear for an epic outfit.

The Fractal is one of the best belts to wear with Crisiswear's futuristic pants

Best Belts for Jeans - Stone Dial on Distressed Grey Leather Belt

Everyone should have a go-to belt to wear with their favorite denim jeans. The Stone Dial buckle is a reliable design that looks good on black, brown, or distressed grey leather. It is eye-catching yet versatile enough to wear daily with blue jeans. Turn the magnetic dial to open your belt with a snap. This is one of our favorite accessories. These casual leather belts for jeans look great with a wide range of clothing and can be worn by anyone.

Person wearing unique pewter colored arrowhead shaped belt buckle on a black leather belt with a heathered grey shirt and faded black jeans. The outfit has a monochromatic minimalist vibe.

Best Classic Belt - Satin Gunmetal Dial Belt

The Series 7 Dial Buckles are our best belts for men for over fifteen years. The fashionable buckle is a simple, sleek statement piece for any waistline. The belt features our logo on the front and a unique and artistic design on the back. If your everyday clothing tends towards minimalism, the Dial's distinct design is an essential accessory to wear to add style and amp up your fashion game. It even looks great with a suit and tie! This is a great gift for people who appreciate the engineering behind everyday objects.

fit guy wearing the dial belt with simple casual outfit. Dial buckles are our bestselling belts for men.

Coolest Gun Belt - the Outlaw

The Outlaw Gun Belt is a fun western belt buckle designed to outlast ordinary leather belts. This heavy duty cowboy belt buckle draws inspiration from the Wild West's infamous Peacemaker revolver. It is comfortable and easy to use - just pull the trigger to open your belt with a BANG! The full grain leather is perfect to wear for everyday carry or even for your next rodeo.

Close up of the waist of a person wearing revolver gun cowboy belt buckles on smooth black leather belt with faded black jeans and a grey t-shirt.

Best Waist Belts - the Ohm Belts

The Ohm Belts are the perfect waist belt to wear with a dress at your natural waistline or on your hips with or without belt loops. The tail end of the belt can be worn tipped down to accentuate the waist. The belt buckle is designed after the Ohm symbol, meaning peace and serenity. The all-black Black Chrome version looks great for a goth fashion aesthetic for men or women. The more elaborate design style of the Ohm 2.0 buckle on a brown leather belt makes boho-chic styles pop.

ohm 2.0 brown belt worn at the waist with a blue pinstripe dress. ohm belts are essential leather waist belts for dresses.

Don't buy genuine leather belts!

don't buy reversible belts. Reversible belts are crap. Buy men's belts that are made to last.

There are a couple of things you will never see in our lineup of leather belts. We will never make a reversible belt, woven or braided belt, or one with an easily detachable belt buckle. There is a good reason for this decision - our brand ethos is to create high-quality belts with durable materials tough enough to stand up to years of use in the real world. While reversible belts might seem like they have more range, they are made with thin, cheap material, like bonded or genuine leather, that breaks down quickly. And the more you change your belt buckle hardware the more likely it is to break.

It's time to dust the cobwebs off your wardrobe!

Whether you're ready to rock a techwear belt for the first time ever, or just want to level up your jeans and a t-shirt game, we've got a belt that will fit your style. Now that we've inspired you to update your wardrobe for 2023, head over to our store to get the best men's belts made in the USA.

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