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Cool Belts for Teenage Guys

Teenage boys feel a lot of pressure to look good. They want to be stylish, but they also want to express their personality. A great way to do this is with a fun belt. Our belts have a superhero vibe that is fun and playful. We make many different styles and colors, so it's easy for him to find the perfect belt. Plus, when he wears a belt that he loves, he will feel more confident. That is always a win!

teen style flat lay outfit. Black jeans, marled grey t-shirt, sunglasses, stylish trucker hat, black sneakers, and a black and silver belt

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Choose a belt to fit his personality and style

Belts are a necessary fashion accessory for teenage guys. They need a belt they can rely on because their waistlines are constantly changing. You'd be wrong if you thought a belt needs to be boring to be reliable. In fact, belts create a great opportunity to show off a teen's personality and style. Don't be afraid to experiment until you find the design that makes you feel your best.

Stone Fractal Belts

Stone Fractal is a cool magnetic buckle on a handmade brown leather strap. Click button to snap open.

The Stone Fractal Buckle on Brown Leather is part of our newest collection of belts. This style will suit someone with a playful personality that really appreciates quirky items. The buckle's quick release button opens the belt with a snap. The brown leather strap is handmade to order in custom sizes, even size 30, so it's easy to find the perfect fit.

What is in style for teenage guys?

Leather belts are a classic fashion staple and are always in style. The right leather belt helps you put your best foot forward, whether you're going to school or on a date. It's the perfect way to show the world that you're confident, stylish, and, most importantly, yourself.

Teens today need belts to showcase their unique personalities with exciting colors and shapes. Shop for something out of the ordinary, powered by imagination, with lots of details you can show off to your friends. Bonus points if it has an exclusive designer style.

Series 7 Space Dial Belts

Retro futuristic Dial 7 belt buckle turns like a safe lock. The unique grey distressed leather belt is hand-crafted in custom belt sizes to fit your teen's waist.

The Series 7 Space Dial is an awesome choice for teens looking to change up their look. The buckle opens with a satisfying snap when you turn the dial. The metal's color evokes a blend of a new spaceship sheen and a fallout shelter patina. You won't find our signature distressed leather anywhere else - it's part of an exclusive batch of hides made just for Obscure Belts. This belt design ticks all the boxes - fun, unique, and undeniably cool.

How to pick the right belt size for teenage guy

The general rule to buy the right belt size is your pant size plus two. For example, a size 28 jeans would wear a size 30 belt. Your belt should fit in the middle hole, with at least two holes tighter and looser. If your pant size changes in the future, you have the flexibility to adjust your belt larger or smaller.

Teenagers are the one notable exception to this rule. Chances are that a teenage waistline is only going to get bigger. We recommend teenagers buy belts two sizes larger than their pant size to ensure the most room for growth. For example, if a teen wears size 30 jeans, buy a size 34 belt. The strap will be a little long at first but offers at least four inches of room to grow into.

Easy to change belt sizes

Patented buckle design. Adjustable belt size with special screw. New belt technology. No floppy belt strap. Leather care

All our belts have a special way to change their size. The buckles lock onto a special metal screw that protects the leather strap from wear and tear. You unscrew and move the sizing piece to adjust the belt's size. This unique design is great for teens - no matter how hard they are on their belt, they can expect it to look in tip-top shape for a long time.

Shopping for a surprise gift? Check out our article on belt sizing to learn some tips on how to gift the right size belt.

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