Holiday Gift Guide to the best gifts for brother in law

Best Brother in Law Gifts for 2021

The holiday season is almost upon us! Finding the perfect gift for your in-laws can be difficult, especially when it comes to getting your brother-in-law gifts. There are so many options out there, but it can be tough to know which one he'll like best. To ensure that he loves his present and is happy with what you chose, do some research first on things he might like! Ask friends or family members closest to him - they should know better than anyone else about his interests. Here are our ideas to get your brother-in-law for a unique birthday gift, perfect Christmas gift, or just a thoughtful gift idea for any occasion.

What is a good gift for a brother-in-law?

Consumable items are fantastic gifts for stocking stuffers, but you can do better for your brother-in-law's main present. A coffee subscription or gift card doesn't say much about your relationship. Surprise your brother-in-law with an interesting and personal item that will leave him saying - "Wow! This is such a thoughtful and cool gift. It is exactly what I needed!"

The best gift you can give your brother-in-law is something he will enjoy and use often, like a leather belt. A brother-in-law gift like that is sure to show him how much you appreciate him being part of your family.

Leather belts are a great gift item because they are a practical present that he will use every day for many years. Belts can be worn with just about anything and are an essential part of any outfit. We make our handmade belts in many different styles and colors. There is sure to be one to fit your brother-in-law’s personality and preferences perfectly!

Our belts are perfect for birthday gifts, Christmas, or any special occasion. They even make great groomsmen gifts!

These are our best belts to give brother in laws this year:

Fractal Belt

The Fractal Belt is a great gift for the brother-in-law who has an out-of-the-box style. Its sharp angles, fractured lines, and futuristic magnetic lock are the stuff of cyberpunk fashion dreams. It is an innovative and new type of belt buckle - click the redesigned quick release button to open the light weight buckle hardware with a satisfying snap. The distressed gunmetal and matte black colors enhance the Fractal buckle's sharp geometric lines.

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Dial Belt

The Series 7 Dial belt is just the thing for the brother-in-law with sophisticated and classic taste. It comes in three different buckle finishes - dressy satin silver for the office, casual distressed metal for jeans, or our signature mixed finish for those with a unique style. If your brother-in-law is an engineer he will love this thoughtful gift and the ingenuity behind it.

Shop the Series 7 Dial

Enigma Belt

If your brother-in-law is into the Star Wars, Comic Con, or sci-fi scene, the Enigma Belt will make an excellent gift. The Enigma is a new type of belt buckle inspired by steampunk gadgets and sci-fi style. Just push the secret quick release button to unlock your belt. The distressed gunmetal and antique brass colors make a fun fashion statement. It is a great leather belt for jeans or alternative outfits.

Sundial Belt

If your brother-in-law likes an industrial look or is into everyday cosplay, he'll love this cool belt. The Sundial is a new and different type of belt buckle inspired by the clean lines of futuristic fashion and concept cars. The buckle's lock might play Jedi mind tricks on you - turn the lever back to release the magnets inside and open the belt buckle with a satisfying snap.

Get the best holiday gift for brothers-in-law

Right now is the best time to get that awesome gift he'll love and carry on talking about for years. Every belt is handmade to order. Keep that in mind if you are shopping for a birthday gift or holiday gift that needs to get there before your entire family shows up for the party. It takes up to three days to make your belt before it ships. We offer free shipping on US orders over $100 and express shipping options if you need to get your gift delivered ASAP.

Eco-friendly packaging

Every order ships in eco-friendly packaging - each belt is wrapped in its own reusable microfiber gift bag and recyclable gift box. This means you don't have to worry about wrapping any gifts and feel good about not creating more plastic waste.

every belt comes with a reuseable microfiber gift bag so you don't have to waste time on gift wrapping your brother in law gift

We specialize in handcrafted leather belts and belt buckles you won't find anywhere else

Obscure Belts is one of very few specialty belt makers in the United States. Not only do we handmake our quality leather belts, but we also design and make our patented belt buckles as well. We can make his belt fit perfectly if you select a custom size at checkout.

Unique gift ideas for any occasion

The perfect present for any brother-in-law is the one he will use every day for years! Our leather belts are durable, practical gifts that show how much you care about them.

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