Big belts, Texas style! silver gun belt buckle on black leather belt. use the trigger button to open and close. these aren't toys!

Men's Texas Belt Buckles

Nothing says Texas or cowboy style like a big, bold western belt buckle. Go out on the town or show off at the next rodeo with one of our men's western buckles. You can even wear them for everyday carry! Our patented belt buckles grab everyone's attention and lets them know you mean business.

silver gun belt buckle on brown leather belt. use the trigger button to open and close.
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What is a Texas belt buckle?

A Texas belt buckle represents Texas pride and history. A Texas belt can fall into a few categories: the shape of the state, the Lone Star, something commemorating Texas history, or just a cool big buckle making a big statement. Texas belt buckles are like jewelry for your waist.

Why do Texans wear big belt buckles?

"Everything is bigger in Texas!" and belt buckles are no exception. Traditionally, they are given as rodeo trophies and commemorate important events in state history. That carried over into everyday western fashion. Wearing Texas-style buckles reminds you of home and shows off your Texas pride.

Big belt buckles, Texas style!

Great accessories make the outfit, even just your favorite jeans and flannel shirt. Whether dressing casually or going out on the town, a Texas belt buckle makes you stand out and look great.

The Outlaw buckle has been a customer favorite for years. Obscure Belts spent months redesigning the third iteration of its gun belt, finally debuting it in late 2022. It's equal parts art, history, and engineering merged into an innovative take on classic Western buckle styles and Texas-style belts. We make our old-school revolver belt with premium materials with full grain leather in any size. You won't find our one-of-a-kind buckle designs anywhere else!

men's western apparel idea - black Outlaw tshirt, black jeans, money clip, leather boots and gun belt buckle.

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