supergero wearing a cool utility belt for the modern man. You can get an awesome product at an affordable price from Obscure Belts.

What would Batman's utility belt look like in 2022?

Batman's utility belt has come a long way since it was first introduced by Detective Comics in 1939. We were wondering - if Batman were a real-life person living in 2022, what would his utility belt look like?? It is a fun idea to speculate about - would Batman opt for a casual yet modern style? Or would he go all out for the latest cutting-edge fashion? Would he have a built-in communication system to stay in touch with the Commissioner no matter where he is?

Probably no on the last one because, you know, smartphones exist, but other than that who knows! Batman's taste in leather belts is notoriously excellent, and we think he might just wear one of our cool belts in 2022.

Awesome Leather Utility Belt, Minus the Pouches

Batman's utility belt probably looks a little more refined and light-weight. For the past couple of years, he's spent more time around the house because of the pandemic. He doesn't want to weigh himself down by wearing extra pockets but still needs his belt to be adjustable. He would really dig the incredible details of a limited edition Android belt buckle with a Jon Wye strap.

This one of a kind belt super belt is a perfect accessory for cosplay. Antique silver and red belt buckle from Obscure Belts on a comic strip leather strap from Jon Wye.

Modern Utility Belt Design

Although we can’t be certain what Batman's utility belt would look like today, we imagine he would like to wear something pretty modern. His utility belt's would have a quick release buckle you could hear click open. It would be made in a really cool leather color that seems stealthier than black, like a soft grey. Oh, and it would be kind of exclusive and only sold on one site because it's hand-crafted by a couple of enthusiastic belt makers.

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Black Ops Fractal is cool magnetic belt buckle for futuristic outfits. Click the quick release button to unlock the buckle. Hand crafted in custom sizes.

Casual Utility Belt for Every Day

On his days off, the Batman of 2022 just wants to get his errands done in incognito. He needs a weekday belt that is sturdy, dependable, and great for everyday carry because he is never completely off duty. No one would expect him to sport a brown leather belt, making it the perfect disguise to wear out shopping.

Skeleton belt buckle on brown full grain leather belt strap. Quick release button is easy to work correctly. Adjustable size. Modern tactical belt

Modern-day Batman would also be a considerate employer and not bother Alfred when he's off the clock. He would make sure to learn how to take care of his gear to keep it in tip-top shape.

Awesome Belts for your Inner Superhero

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