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What to Wear to a Rodeo

Not sure what to wear to a rodeo? Then you've come to the right place! An indoor rodeo calls for casual attire, while evening rodeos require a more formal western look. No matter what events you attend just remember - durability and comfort are kings at the rodeo. Wear something you won't mind getting down and dirty in! Here's everything you need to know to look your best under the rodeo lights.

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Basic elements of rodeo fashion

Western and rodeo fashion is functional and uncomplicated. Invest in a few high-quality pieces that you can mix and match. The ideal rodeo outfit you wear should be comfortable and casual. The basic elements of rodeo wear, in order of importance, are:

  • Belt - A quality leather belt with a big belt buckle makes the right fashion statement at the rodeo.
  • Cowboy boots - Leather mid-calf boots or western boots are the go-to options for a classic cowboy or cowgirl look.
  • Hat - Classic cowboy hats are best, but a nice trucker hat will do in a pinch. Save your straw hats for the ranch.
  • Denim jeans - Jeans are the heart of western work wear. Straight leg or boot-cut jeans are best if you are competing, otherwise don't be afraid to show a little skin!
  • Western shirt - Formal western looks call for a long sleeve shirt or snap shirt. Short sleeves are ok too!

Cowboy belts - a must have rodeo accessory

western cowboy belt with gun belt buckle on brown leather strap is a chunky belt that pairs well with western wear

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It's not a rodeo if you're not wearing a big, bold leather belt! Our Outlaw leather gun belt is the perfect cowboy-style leather belt to tie your rodeo-ready look together. Wear it with your best pair of blue jeans while you're bucking around, and don't forget to tuck in that freshly pressed western shirt. We make the Outlaw belt in several different leather colors so you are sure to match it with your rodeo boots. Our belts are made with made with the best full grain leather and are great for everyday wear. We even make custom sizes for any waist!

Cowboy hats are a must!

Every self-respecting cowboy and country girl owns a cowboy hat. They are a key piece of western wear to wear to a rodeo. Cowboy hats not only keep the sun off your face but really transform your look. For an authentic look, splurge on a fur-felt cowboy hat from a trusted brand. If a good quality cowboy hat isn't in your budget, a nicer trucker hat will do in a pinch.

cowboy hat, cowboy belt, and cowboy boots are the essential elements of proper rodeo attire

Cowboy boots to kick your heels up in

A good pair of cowboy boots compliment your favorite pair of jeans and leather belt. A rodeo is a perfect time to break out your dress boots for that extra touch of class. Rodeos are special occasions, so leave your dusty work boots back at the ranch and avoid wearing high heels or tennis shoes. Remember to match your cowboy boots to your belt for extra style points.

When it comes to boot design for men, keep it basic and stick to the classic western look. Opt for mid-calf western boots with a simple design and a low heel. You will be on your feet and walking around quite a bit, so comfort and function are key!

For women, ankle boots and mid-calf boots with a low heel are both fair game. The right boot will accentuate whatever you wear to a rodeo, whether it's a dress, boot-cut jeans, or daisy dukes.

cowboy boots, footwear, western rodeo wear

What jeans should I wear to a rodeo?

Thick, hardwearing denim is a staple of cowboy fashion. Rodeo cowboys know these types of jeans take a beating, so avoid thinner or stretchier denim that tears easily. Boot-cut jeans pair nicely with boots - the flared pant leg allows your jeans to over your boot. Straight-leg jeans or denim shorts both look great with ankle boots.

fashion advice on what to wear to a rodeo - blue jeans, shirt with a cropped graphic, western boots, and a leather belt

Can you wear skinny jeans and cowboy boots?

Absolutely! Skinny jeans and cowboy boots go well together, both visually and functionally! Women can also get away with colored jeans or bling jeans to stand out in the crowd but don't go too wild or you'll stick out like a sore thumb.

Don't forget the Rodeo Shirt

Rodeo shirts, also known as western shirt, is a traditional item of western wear characterized by a stylized yoke on the front and on the back. It is usually made of chambray, denim, or tartan fabric with long sleeves. Modern western shirts have snap pockets, patches made from bandana fabric, and fringe. Western dress shirts are often elaborately decorated with piping, embroidered roses, and a contrasting yoke pattern.

If that sounds like a little too much for you, a flannel shirt or classic cowgirl fringe vest will fit into many rodeos too! Just do your best to match your rodeo clothes to your cowboy hat, belt, and cowboy boots.

Congratulations, you're no longer a rodeo rookie!

Now you know what to wear to a rodeo to make a great impression and a winning rodeo outfit. Check out our selection of cool leather belts to find the perfect one to wear to your next rodeo.

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