Brown Leather Belt: Why You Need One & How to Wear It

Brown Leather Belt: Why You Need One & How to Wear It

A brown belt is a wardrobe staple that every man needs. Brown belts are versatile and look good with almost any outfit, whether your style is formal or casual. They can even double as an accessory to add some color to your otherwise monochromatic ensemble! This article will cover everything you need to know about brown belts and their many uses in your wardrobe.


Why you need a brown belt

If you wear casual outfits daily and like wearing earth tones, a brown belt is a must-have product. It is a staple accessory that every man should have in his wardrobe and is perfect for just about any outfit, whether you like wearing jeans and a t-shirt or a suit for work. Brown belts are casual enough to wear with most colors but look the best with earth tones like khaki, olive green, and navy blue.

don't be fooled by belt styles made by big name brands. Cole Haan and Polo Ralph Lauren don't make mens accessories nearly as cool as this enigma on brown leather

The Enigma on Brown Leather Belt


What does a brown belt match with?

A rich brown color matches with a variety of colors, making it easy to coordinate with just about any outfit. You can wear a brown belt with different color pants or shorts as well as light blue jeans and khakis. They look best with earth tones, like shades of green, soft grays, browns, and muted blues. Try wearing pants whose color is slightly different than your brown belt for a nice contrast.

mens brown belt styled with green khaki shorts, summery shirt, and straw hat. Beach ready outfit!

Aged Sundial on Brown Leather Belt

Some people live by the fashion rule of matching the colors of their shoes to their belts, but that's just a loose guideline and not a set in stone! The only style rule that's worth paying attention to worth paying attention to is the width of the belt - casual belts should be 1.5" wide to fit through the belt loops of jeans, while work belts should be 1.25" to fit narrow belt loops of dress pants.


Our top-selling Brown Belts

Aged Excalibur with Kraken Sea Monster on Handmade Brown Leather Belt

Aged Excalibur on Brown Leather Belt

turn the center of the dial belt buckle to unlock your belt

Stone Dial on Brown Leather Belt

What you get when you buy a Brown Leather Belt from Obscure Belts

High-Quality American Leather

Each belt is made to order on a full-grain brown leather belt strap. We use high-quality vegetable-tanned American leather from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Our brown leather is thick and the durably is second to none. It has a high luster and supple feel that develops a beautiful patina as it ages. We also make black or ultra distressed grey leather belts.

Tailor-made Belts

We handmake every belt and feel strongly that the best belt is the one that fits you right the first time. That's why we offer both standard and custom size belts for the same affordable price. If you're interested in shopping for a custom size, check out our guide to measuring for a belt for a few tips and tricks. Generally, expect orders to take 2-3 days for us to make before shipping your belt.

Revolutionary Patented Buckle Designs

Our patented belt buckle design uses rare earth magnets that are strong enough to hold up your pants but still allow you to easily remove your belt. Every buckle uses an adjustable sizing stud to protect the leather belt, and its extra strap tucks behind for a seamless look. We've put in hundreds of hours developing prototypes and testing different materials so we can bring you the best magnetic belts available anywhere.

Ready to Gift

Our belts make the perfect gift for any occasion for the belt-wearer in your life or that hard to shop for brother in law. We ship all items in a microfiber travel bag, so no need to find the gift wrap!

our logo microfiber travel bags make it easy to gift our belts to the men in your life


Upgrade your wardrobe with a new brown belt!

A good quality brown leather belt is a must-have piece for any man's wardrobe. They are a timeless accessory that can help you create a winning outfit for any occasion, from dressy to casual. Obscure Belts offers stylish and durable brown leather belts that will last you years without needing replacement. Shop our online store to find the perfect one for you!

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