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Leather Belts - The Best Fashion Accessories for Men

It's no secret that accessories are the best way to express your personal style. They can be used to complement an outfit or add a new dimension of unique personality to your clothing. Leather belts are one of those men's accessories you never want to leave the house without! We'll show you why our cool leather belts are essential for every man's wardrobe and offer some great styles from our shop that will make selecting your next belt a breeze - whether it's formal, casual, or somewhere in between. With so many options, we know you'll find something perfect for any occasion!

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Belts are the most popular fashion accessories for men

Men's accessories and belts, in particular, are one of the fastest-growing fashion categories, and it's easy to understand why. The pandemic put a kibosh on getting dressed up for a night on the town or looking smart for work. The world reopening allows guys to use their clothing and accessories as a form of self-expression after over a year stuck at home.

Here are a few belt tips and tricks you should know now that you're ready to party again.

Why you should wear a leather belt

Ok, let's all admit one thing first: those COVID pounds were real! Not only do belts add style to your outfit, but they can also slim and define your waistline as you transition back to hard pants. With so many options that range from formal leather belts for work to casual belts for jeans, there is a perfect belt out there for every man.

Wear your skinny belts with dress pants for formal special occasions or work situation with a dress code. The narrow 1-¼ inch width belt will fit better through the smaller belt loops and make you look more sophisticated. Go for a traditional leather color like black or brown because it will never go out of style.
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Wear casual belts for jeans, khakis, and everything else for a casual setting. These belts are 1-½ inch wide, can be worn to jazz up just about anything, and are the perfect pieces to let your personality shine through. These are the kind of leather belts where you can experiment with bolder colors and belt buckles.
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Do you have to match the color of your dress shoes to your belt?

Of course not! But that does not mean it is a bad idea. Wearing a dress belt that matches your dress shoes gives you a polished and refined look. Don't drive yourself crazy trying to find the exact shade of brown or grey - it's more important that your belt complements the rest of your outfit than matches it perfectly. A little variety and color contrast from your accessories might be exactly what your wardrobe needs to look dynamite.

Do men really need accessories?

Technically no, you could be that man who walks around wearing nothing but a garbage bag and not care about how you look. But where is the fun in that? The point of accessories is to enhance your experience and elevate your wardrobe. Men's accessories are an excellent fashion investment for anyone, and they don't have to be expensive either. A quality leather belt is a good value for the price - it will hold your pants up, give you serious style points, and last for years if you take care of it properly.

Let's say you are the kind of guy who only wants to own one belt: it will instantly change every outfit you own in the best way possible. You can change the style of your clothes in seconds by adding a belt, and it won't cost as much as buying a whole new wardrobe or trying to pair different items that might clash with each other. One good leather belt is the best investment you can make for your closet.

Belt Styling Essentials

If you want to be the cool guy and stand out from the crowd, it's all about the details. Our products make a functional fashion statement, no matter what you wear them with. Here are a few different ideas on how to style our belts:

The Dial Belt

This belt says simple but not boring. The Dial buckle's shape looks more like an expensive watch than an ordinary belt. The ergonomic belt buckle is curved on the top for a comfortable fit all day long. The Dial belt look great with the right pair of jeans, but can also be accessorized with a suit, tie bar, white pocket square, dress socks and dress shoes for a top notch look.It is available in three buckle versions and four leather colors, so you can choose the combination to match your style. The Dial belt also makes a great gift for any man.

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The Fractal Belt

If you are the man who wants to stand out from the crowd, then this belt buckle is for you. It has a distinct futuristic cyberpunk style that takes your look out of this world. Pair it with dark clothing for the ultimate everyday outfit.

How the Stone Fractal belt buckle works. Push the magnetic quick release button to unlock your belt.
Push the magnetic quick release button to unlock the Fractal Belt buckle.

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The Skeleton Belt

This belt buckle is tough, bold, and sure to turn heads wherever you go. When you pair it with full-grain black leather, this accessory goes with anything in your closet. With a magnetic button for quick release, it's so easy to remove. You can change your size with a simple twist of the sizing stud.

no pocket square needed! skeleton casual belts are men's accessories for jeans
Aged Skeleton on Black Leather Belt
the Skeleton on Black Leather is a cool minimalist belt for jeans. push the button to unlock your belt
Push the magnetic button on the Skeleton Belt Buckle to unlock it.

The Excalibur Belt

The Excalibur Belt is the perfect accessory to tie your whole outfit together. Pair it with worn-in denim and bring a touch of edginess to your look. This belt buckle features a distressed leather backing which makes for a cool distressed belt buckle. It's easy to open and close the Excalibur buckle - just pull the metal pin to unlock it. It's a great pick to add to your belt collection.

excalibur belt worn with black jeans and a red t-shirt in a grungy alley
Aged Excalibur on Distressed Leather Belt
pull the pin to unlock this unique belt buckle
Pull the pin to open the Excalibur Belt Buckle.

The Enigma Belt

The Enigma belt buckle is a mix of antique brass and distressed gunmetal that's perfect for your everyday wardrobe. The unique shape buckle makes it easy to pair it with just about anything, but we especially like wearing the Enigma with blue jeans.

the Enigma buckle is a steampunk style belt you can wear with denim and a nice shirt for an industrial streetwear outfit
Enigma Buckle on Black Leather Belt
unlock your belt by pushing the hidden magnetic button on the enigma buckle
Push the hidden button on bottom of the Enigma belt buckle to unlock it.

Belts are fashion accessories that every man needs. They serve a practical purpose by holding your pants up, but they also have an aesthetic quality that can dramatically improve the look of your outfit in seconds. We at Obscure Belts make many different styles and designs of belts and buckles. No matter your budget or style, we make something for you. The key is to search for a belt style that suits your personal taste and one which will complement other accessories you already have in your wardrobe.

If you're ready to put your fashion game into high gear, head over to our site store to check out our full menu of top rated handmade leather belts. We free shipping on orders over $100 in the US, as well as custom sizes.

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