Matte black belt buckle on black belt with a futuristic fashion style. Every man's wardrobe need at least one fashion statement belt.

Belts as Men's Fashion Statement Pieces

When making a fashion statement there are few accessories as versatile as a men's leather belt. Whether you're dressing up for a night out or keeping it casual for a Friday at the office, a well-chosen belt has you looking put together and stylish. And because leather is such a classic material, it's easy to find a belt to pair with any outfit.

If you're looking for an accessory that will make a bold impact, a men's leather belt is the way to go. Read on for everything you need to know about wearing the perfect statement belt to match your style, no matter your size.

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What is a statement piece?

A statement piece is an accessory that gets your attention and makes your outfit stand out. A statement piece is in some way extraordinary and distinctive. It has eye-catching details, like vibrant colors, a fun shape, or uncommon features. They can complement or contrast with the rest of your outfit.

Statement pieces are the thing people notice most about what you're wearing, so make sure it makes the right first impression! The key pieces you wear can make you feel confident and say something about your personality to the world. It's an easy way to communicate your fun-loving style or quirky taste. Be bold and unafraid to explore what the fashion world has to offer. Check out our coolest belts of the year.

Our 8 best Men's Belt Statement Pieces

Fractal Leather Belts

The Fractal belt buckle is the definition of edgy, cool fashion. The best way to wear this is with a pair of stylish pants for street wear. We make the Fractal belt in two metal finishes - the stealthy Black-Ops or post-apocalyptic Stone - and three leather colors - black, brown, and distressed gray.

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Person dressed in dark jeans, red shirt, and matte black buckle on black belt. Person wearing dark jeans, grey shirt, and a cool belt buckle on grey belt. The futuristic belt's look compliments the outfit's edgy cyberpunk style.

Android Leather Belts

The Android is a cool belt buckle design inspired by cyberpunk and futuristic fashion. Click the button or turn the lever to open this gadgety belt with a satisfying snap. Its distressed metal finish looks fantastic with your favorite denim jeans or as the final touch on futuristic clothing.

Grey metal Android buckle with casual black leather belt worn with mens jeans. The belt compliments the style of the pants and shoes.

Aged Skeleton Leather Belts

The Aged Skeleton belt is a lightweight staple for a minimalist wardrobe. Wear it every day to make a statement about your no-nonsense style. The Skeleton is a great go-to belt if it is your first time wearing statement pieces. We particularly like it on distressed grey leather, a unique color you won't find anywhere else.

Skeleton gunmetal belt buckle with all black minimalist clothing. Best belts for everyday outfits.

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Micron Dress Belts

The best way to dress up your business wardrobe is with a good-looking dress belt in a designer style. The Micron is slim and sleek with a 1-¼ inch belt strap to fit through the loops of your suit pants. Wear this buckle from the boardroom to the bar without missing a beat. Available in two colors for a classic look - black and brown - or a fashion-forward option like distressed grey.

Man dressed in elegant Micron men’s dress belt with sports coat and slacks.

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Series 7 Dial Belts

Picture this - winter is finally over, and you're ready to hit the boardwalk. You need a fun belt to wear with your jeans and show off the beach bod you worked on all season. The Series 7 Dial has you covered! The buckle has a slim, ergonomic design that hugs the curve of your body for a comfortable fit. This head-turning style is easy to use - just turn the dial to unlock your belt with a snap! Available in three distinct colors to compliment your exceptional fashion taste - distressed Stone, classic Satin Gunmetal, and eyecatching Space.

Man sporting the Stone Dial buckle on distressed belt with dark short and light forest green shirt.

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Ohm Belts

Looking for the boldest statement pieces? We've got something you'll love. The Ohm belts are the perfect belt for someone looking for a real head-turner. They are available in several styles to match your wardrobe - the Polished and Black Chrome Ohms have a shiny silver flair, while the Aged and Satin Gunmetal Ohm 2.0 are boho chic. Bonus: they look great on anyone!

Two belt pieces work together to lock the Ohm belt - an adjustable sizing post with a hole and a metal pin to slide through to latch the buckle.
women can wear the Ohm sign belt over a dress to cinch the waist or off the hip if they prefer.
Match the ohm with a dress, cute bag, shoes, and earrings for a complete outfit.

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Belt FAQ

Still have a couple of questions about belts? We have answers!

What are the names of different parts on a belt?

The two key pieces of a belt are the strap and a buckle. These two parts work together to fasten the belt around your waist. Both parts serve aesthetic and functional purposes.

Key pieces of a belt

  • Belt strap: this is the long part of the belt that you wear around your body and adjust to fit. It connects to the buckle to secure the entire belt. Belt straps are typically made from leather, but can also use other materials.
  • Belt Buckle: the buckle attaches to one end of the belt and is used to fasten the belt. Buckles can be made from various materials, including metal, plastic, and wood.

What are the pieces of a belt buckle called?

Traditional belt buckles are made with three parts: the prong or pin, the frame, and the post. Belts that use this buckle style also need a leather keep to prevent the extra strap from flopping down. This design hasn't changed much in years and is pretty boring, looks sloppy, and isn't nearly as cool as our belt buckles.

anatomy of some boring brands standard belt buckle

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