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Best Gun Belts to Wear Everyday

Looking for the best gun belts to show off your personality? Two key features to consider before you buy are the materials used to make the belt and what you intend to use it for.

the outlaw gun belt buckle on black leather belt opens with a bang when you pull the trigger
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Things to Consider Before Buying a Gun Belt

The best concealed carry belt is made with durable materials

Gun belts, or concealed carry belts, are primarily made in two variations - a thick leather belt or a nylon belt.

Leather gun belts are made using thick stiff leather to withstand a heavy holster. Some leather gun belts are made with a flexible steel core sandwiched between two thin leather straps.

A nylon belt, also known as a tactical belt, is made with durable nylon webbing and a hook and loop fastener. Tactical belts are often worn as an outer belt over the regular belt that holds your pants up.

thick, sturdy belts make the best heavy duty belt

Will you use your belt everyday for concealed carry?

A concealed carry belt, also known as an EDC belt or CCW belt, is a comfortable belt you can wear for everyday carry. You can use a regular belt as an EDC belt if it is made with thick, full-grain leather. Avoid genuine leather CCW gun belts - they are poor quality belts for concealed carry and will warp and tear easily. The best concealed carry belts balance comfort, quality, and durability.

Key features of our gun belts

key features of our leather gun belt buckle include durable hardware, thick leather, custom sizes, and a cool way of opening

Full grain leather belt with no belt loops

We make our belts with thick belt straps of full grain leather from Milwaukee, WI. Unlike a normal belt, the excess leather tucks inside your belt loops, so you don't need a leather keep. Your belt holes are hidden, giving you a clean polished look for your everyday belt.

Stylish belt buckles

You won't find a single boring, traditional buckle here! Our cool gun belts are modeled after the infamous Peacemaker revolver from the late 1800s. Just pull the trigger to unlock your belt with a snap! Bonus - our proprietary belt system is designed to make your leather hold up to abuse so you can wear it for years.

quality gun belt with a cool way of opening - push the trigger to unlock your belt

FAQs about gun belts

What makes a good gun belt?

A regular quality belt is only designed to hold your pants up, while the best gun belts and CCW belts are strong enough to hold the weight of a holster without deforming. A steel core belt is stronger than a normal belt and can maintain its shape and not sag under the weight. Unfortunately, this strength comes at a cost - gun belts for concealed carry are uncomfortable to wear all day, especially for bigger guys.

Are tactical belts worth it?

A tactical gun belt is a cross between a utility belt and concealed carry gun belt. It has extra pouches to carry gear and is popular among law enforcement. Tactical gun belts are typically the heaviest gun belt available and not the most comfortable gun belts to wear for long periods.

If you're considering using a tactical belt, bear in mind you will likely need to wear two belts - an inner belt to hold your pants up and a rigid outer belt to carry the weight of your gear. This may not be the best concealed carry belt option for everyone, so consider your options before purchasing.

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