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How to Choose the Best Mens Casual Belts

by Cristina Carrera July 06, 2021 5 min read

Brown leather men's belt with a cool belt buckle for a casual summer look. Price varies by color.

You've just found yourself shopping in the men's casual belts section of your local department store. There are way too many options and none of them are good. You are looking for a belt that will complement your wardrobe and suit any occasion, but which one should you choose? It all depends on what you want to wear it with and what type of style is most appealing to you. This guide will provide the information necessary so that you can make an informed decision on what to hold your pants up with before heading back out into the world!

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Look for a leather belt made with the best materials

For most men, the only time they need a new casual belt is when their current one breaks or gets too worn out to look respectable in public. What they don't realize is that this would never happen if they bought a good leather belt in the first place! The only kinds of belts that break like that are crappy ones made with cheap materials. Avoid anything labeled genuine leather or bonded leather - these are just marketing terms to trick you into thinking you're buying a quality product.

If you want to buy a casual belt that will last for years, search for one made with full-grain leather. This is the best type of leather for making belts because it is thicker and more durable than other materials. The more you wear a full-grain leather belt, the better it looks. Over time it will develop a characteristic patina that is a sure sign of a great quality piece of leather.


Buy a belt buckle that matches your style

Since they are one of the few accessories for men, be bold with the belt buckle you choose, and don't be afraid to try on something different! You may find that you love wearing cool belts like the ones we make.

Think about what your style is and how you would like to be perceived by other people. Do you want to show off your quirky personality, like a vintage distressed belt and antique style buckle? Or are you looking for something to complete a special outfit you're trying to put together?

Our belt buckle style range from simple and classic to our of this world sci-fi inspired designs. If you're looking for something simple, try out the Skeleton buckle. You'll be impressed by its easy-to-use quick-release button and minimalist form.

Skeleton Belt Buckle on vintage distressed grey leather belt. Great for a simple fashion statement and everyday wear

Skeleton on Distressed Grey Leather Belt

If you're more adventurous, the Sundial belt pulls some Jedi mind tricks on you and is a great conversation starter. Just pull the trigger back to rotate and unlock the buckle. We think it looks great on brown leather as the perfect final touch on a Star Wars cosplay outfit.

sundial buckle on full grain brown leather belt. pull the trigger to unlock. price: $105

Sundial on Brown Leather Belt


Most common questions people have about casual belts

Here are the top questions people ask when shopping for a new casual belt.

How wide should a belt for jeans be?

A men's casual belt is typically one and a half inches wide (1-1/2"). This width fits through the belt loops of most jeans and for that reason, it is rare for a belt to be made much wider. Casual belts are made with leather material that is thick and durable, which means they can even double as a gun belt. The belt buckle on a belt for jeans can be the same width or larger than the leather strap to make a statement about your personal style. You can wear this kind of belt with almost anything.


Why is a dress belt different?

The difference between casual and dress belts is that dress belts are narrower. They typically range from about one inch to one and a quarter-inch wide (1 to 1-1/4"), so they can be worn with pants that have smaller belt loops. Dress belts' narrower widths make them more appropriate for slimmer trousers or those made from fabrics like wool. They are more comfortable to wear with the thinner materials dress pants are made with.

A dress belt is typically worn for work in an office or to attend formal events where a more subdued, classic fashion style is required. The belt buckle tends to be a little simpler so it complements the entire outfit without sticking out.

What size belt should I get for a 32 inch waist?

The general rule is to add two to your jeans size to get your belt size. So, if you wear 32 jeans, buy a size 34 belt. However, we really recommend that you measure your waist with a cloth tape measure before buying a belt because you might not actually be a 32 waist.

These days there is no standard on pants or belt sizing and every brand does it slightly differently. Even worse - jeans are made with materials that stretch for a more comfortable fit and the number on the tag doesn't mean much, it's just vanity sizing. It is important to always check the sizing guide of the brand when purchasing a belt.

If you're interested in getting the perfect fit, we make custom belt lengths for all our buckles. Check out our guide on how to measure for and purchase a custom belt.


Our best-selling casual belts for men

If you're looking for casual belts that are handmade by leather artisans, then look no further than Obscure Belts! We use only the best materials to make our products and carefully handcraft each belt to order. Our belt buckle designs are the coolest out there - they're functional, fashionable, and work in a totally different way than any other buckle on the market. Our belts are available in three leather colors - brown, grey, and black - in standard and custom belt sizes.

Product: Stone Dial on Distressed Grey Leather Belt. Price: $105. The buckle color looks great with denim pants.

Stone Dial 7 on Distressed Grey Leather Belt


Product: Aged Excalibur Buckle on Distressed Grey Leather Belt Price: $105. The suede-like texture has a vintage feel.

Aged Excalibur Buckle on Distressed Grey Leather Belt


Product: Enigma Buckle on Full-grain Black Leather Belt. Price:$105. This style is best if you want to stand out from the crowd.

Enigma Buckle on Black Leather Belt


With so many options available, choosing a new casual belt can be overwhelming. You need to consider not only your personal style but also the fit and quality of the materials the belts are made with. Whether you're looking for something simple and classic or adventurous with more personality, Obscure Belts makes a product that fits both your individual sense of style and your waist size. We offer custom belts in different colors as well as standard sizes. Our comfortable men's leather belts will last through years of adventures while our stylish buckle designs are sure to turn heads. If you're ready to step up your look without breaking the bank on designer brands, head over to our store to shop all our cool handmade belts!

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