6 Men's Black Belts that Look Good With Everything: Obscure Belts' 2021 LineUp

6 Men's Black Belts that Look Good With Everything: Obscure Belts' 2021 LineUp

In this post, we will discuss the best-selling black leather belts of 2021. We pride ourselves on having the most unique and beautiful selection of black belts around. Each belt has its own special features and distinct look to it, but they all can be worn with anything from jeans to slacks! Black is a color that never goes out of style. Adding a leather belt to your wardrobe ensures you'll always have a timeless look. If you are looking for an awesome belt that will never go out of style, you're search stops here!

Fractal 2.0 Belt

Our best-selling belt of 2021 is the Fractal 2.0 Belt with a price tag of $105. This unique black belt is one of the most popular items we make and it's easy to see why. You can wear it with any outfit to give it an edgy feel. We make the Fractal 2.0 in two different finishes to match your style.

Stone Fractal 2.0 Belt

The Stone Fractal 2.0 has a distressed off-white gunmetal finish that shows off the buckle's futuristic geometric lines. The unique color contrasts nicely with the dark luster of the black leather belt.

Stone Fractal on Black Leather with Crisiswear pants

Shop the Stone Fractal Belt

Black-Ops Fractal Belt

For an all-black look, go for our Black-Ops Fractal buckle. This black buckle on black leather oozes cool vibes with whatever outfit you wear it with.

black ops fractal buckle with black leather. click the button to open the belt buckle. looks great with distressed jeans

Shop the Black-Ops Fractal on Black Leather

Series 7 Stone Dial Belt

The Stone Dial on Black Leather is the perfect example of a classic look with a modern twist. The new and improved buckle design is paired with premium leather, giving it an industrial look that is great on jeans. Like all our belts, the Stone Dial is available in standard and custom sizes to keep you looking sharp all day long.

unique locking belt buckle with turn dial on black leather belt

Shop the Stone Dial on Black Leather

Aged Excalibur on Black Leather

The Excalibur Belt is an award-winning original design with a secret. It's easy to open - just slide the pin out to unlock your belt like a boss and whisper "release the Kraken". The back of the buckle sports a mythical Kraken sea monster. The Excalibur with a black belt stands out on a great pair of vintage or faded jeans.

Pull the pin to open this cool belt buckle and reveal a Kraken Sea Monster. Handmade Full Grain Black Leather Belt.

Aged Enigma on Black Leather

The Aged Enigma is our most mysterious magnetic buckle. It has a distressed gunmetal and brass finish that contrasts well with black leather and makes it stand out on jeans. Like some of our other designs, it opens with the push of a hidden button to reveal a hidden design - a brass sunburst inspired by Japanese design. We believe that every detail matters, which is why we pay attention to even the smallest things like how our buckles look from behind!

brass and gunmetal enigma buckle on black leather. men's fashion belt

Aged Skeleton Belt

This slim and lightweight belt buckle is the perfect finishing touch for any outfit. Designed with a minimalist aesthetic in mind, the Skeleton Belt exposes our patented technology so you can the moving parts in action. The quick release button makes it easy to take on and off, and our adjustable sizing means you'll always have the perfect fit.

aged skeleton on a black belt for a simple monochromatic style

What you get when you buy a Black Leather Belt from Obscure Belts

High-Quality American Leather

Each belt is made to order on a full-grain black leather belt strap. We use high-quality vegetable-tanned American leather from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Our black leather is thick and durable to withstand years of use. It has a high luster and supple feel that develops a beautiful patina as it ages.

Tailor-made Belts

We hand make each and every belt and feel strongly that the best belt is the one that fits you right the first time. That's why we offer both standard and custom size belts for the same affordable price. If you're interested in shopping for a custom size, check out our guide to measuring for a belt for a few tips and tricks.

Revolutionary Patented Buckle Designs

Our patented belt buckle design uses rare earth magnets that are strong enough to hold up your pants but still allow you to easily remove your belt. Every buckle uses an adjustable sizing stud to protect the leather belt, and its extra strap tucks behind for a seamless look. We've put in hundreds of hours developing prototypes and testing different materials so we can bring you the best magnetic belts available anywhere.

Ready to Gift

Our belts make the perfect gift for the belt-wearer in your life for any occasion. We ship all items in a microfiber travel bag, so no need to find the gift wrap!

obscure belts make great gifts for him, leather anniversary gifts, or groomsmen gifts. Microfiber travel bag included.

Whether you're looking for a men's belt that stands out or one that fits with anything in your wardrobe, we something for everyone. Plus because it's all made by hand in the U.S., you'll get exceptional quality craftsmanship at a great price! If you're in the market for a new black leather belt, skip the big brands and shop our collection of handmade leather belts.

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Black belts aren't your thing? We also sell casual brown belts, vintage style grey belts, and soft grey leather belts for men. You can shop our other leather colors here.
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