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5 Reasons Handmade Custom Leather Belts Are Awesome

by Cristina Carrera July 19, 2021 5 min read

obscure belts makes the best custom belts tailored to fit your waist

You may believe that custom leather belts are expensive and out of reach for most people, but this is simply not true! Custom belts, like the ones we at Obscure Belts make, are made to order in just the right size. Why would you buy a belt from a department store that is mass-produced and lacks any character when you can find a much better, much cooler custom men's belt right here?

Not only are our custom belts affordable, but they also come in many different designs and leather colors that you won't find at any other place. In this blog post, we will discuss 5 reasons custom leather belts are awesome and hopefully convince you to make the switch.

TLDR: Here are five good reasons you should buy our custom leather belts:
  1. They're made with better quality leather
  2. You have lots of unique belt buckles to choose from
  3. They are a great value for the price
  4. They last a long time
  5. It's easy to order a custom size

A little bit about Obscure Belts: We have been in business for over 15 years and specialize in making handmade leather belts. Every belt is made to order in standard and custom sizes, in a range of styles and leather colors to match your taste.


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1. Custom belts are made with the best leather

One of the main reasons custom leather belts are awesome is because they're made from better quality materials than you can find at a big retailer. We don't use off-the-shelf leather - we work directly with a specialty tannery to create the best type of leather for our signature distressed and full-grain belts. Every handmade custom belt starts with high-quality, American vegetable-tanned leather cowhides. We cut each belt strap by hand and trim it to fit your exact measurements.

leather hide cut by hand by a belt maker to make straps of leather. Every leather color has a name, belts shown are slate grey.

The best part about custom belts? You don't have to limit yourself to one style or color - you can pick a belt that matches your personality and personal taste! We make belts in three standard colors - black, brown, and distressed grey - as well as our limited edition slate grey.

black, brown and distressed grey are the colors of our hand made leather belts. Price ranges from $105 to $115. Discounts added in the cart. link to categories.] [another picture showing more brown and grey leather colors. All items made in the USA. price varies based on color. link to collection page.


2. Unique belt buckle designs

No belt is complete without a cool belt buckle, and you won't be able to find anything cooler than the ones we make. Our patented belt buckles work in a totally different way than anything else in the market. There are basically two parts working together - the buckle you can see and click to open, and the sizing screw underneath that attaches to the strap. Together, this unique system keeps the stress of daily wear off your leather so it looks great even after years of use. Bonus: no more sloppy, floppy belt straps! Plus, your belt buckle looks so much cooler than anyone else's.

Video showing the Android buckle in action. The buckle sets on top of the sizing screw and snaps shut when you turn the lever. customers love it!
The Android Belt in action

We designed several belt buckles to match your favorite outfit. Styles range from the Micron, a modern-looking 1-1/4" wide brown work belt, to the Android, an industrial design on black leather that is a perfect final touch to a cyberpunk outfit. If you're after a vintage-looking belt to wear with jeans, any of our unique buckles can be paired with our distressed grey leather.

Micron on black leather belt. push the button in high, springs back with you let go to lock your belt buckle using magnets. price ranges depending on leather color
get your brother a unique gift at an affordable price! our hand made distressed grey leather can be shipped anywhere, even Florida. USA made products.
 The Micron belt buckle in 1-¼ inch width dress belt


3. How much is a handmade leather belt?

Handmade leather belts are an affordable long-term investment in your wardrobe. You can expect to pay somewhere in the range of $75-$125 for a well-designed product. Look at it this way - the cost of one good quality handmade belt is significantly less than the price you would pay over the years for cheap mass-produced belts that constantly break. We believe the long-term value of an investment in a quality leather belt is well worth it.

We keep our pricing simple - standard and custom belt sizes are the same price. Belts in our black, brown, or distressed grey categories are all $105. We also make some limited edition styles that retail for between $115-125.


4. Custom leather belts last longer

The reason most traditional belts fail after a few months of use is that they are meant to. It's called planned obsolescence and it's a really terrible, yet common, practice in the fashion industry. The belt below is a standard reversible belt that you can find at any big box store. It was worn for less than one year before it started to break down and look terrible. Don't waste your money on products that are designed to fall apart when you can easily afford a much higher quality item.

drew's crappy belt. don't by things that are designed to break. buy a hand made statement piece made with quality leather that will last a lifetime

Custom handmade belts like ours are different because they're designed to hold up over time, and even look better as they develop a patina. It seems counterintuitive for a company to make something that will last years, if not decades, but we think it is a good design practice.

If properly cared for, you can expect one of our belts to last years, and may even be something you hand down to one of your kids! But don't just take our word for it. Our fans have lots of great things to say about us, just check out their rave customer reviews.

customer review for the Android belt. Allan from Houston says 'I love this belt. It is my second one, the first is still going strong after at least 10 years.'


5. Ordering a custom belt is easy!

It's really easy to order a custom leather belt online, no need to visit a store for a fitting or wait for ages until your new belt arrives. We have simple step-by-step instructions on how to measure yourself for a belt and you can place your order right on our website. We'll make a special length belt to match your measurements so you fit in the center hole of your belt, plus extra holes bigger and smaller in case your waist changes. And just like our standard sizes, we ship custom leather belts out within 3 days of your purchase.

We make all of our casual belts in 1-½ inch width and our dress belts in 1-¼ inch width. We can typically make up to a size 48 belt. For longer sizes or questions on belt sizing, please get in touch with customer service through our contact us page before placing your order.

picture showing customers how to measure themselves through the loops of pants. Don't be content with a poor fitting product when custom belts are a reasonable price


Give us a try!

We pride ourselves on the quality and craftsmanship of the products we make. Our leather belts are all handmade in the USA with the best quality leather and built to last. If you are tired of buying cheap name-brand belts off the rack and want to experience the exceptional craftsmanship of a custom-made belt, head over to our site to shop our unique selection of belt buckles.

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