men's style flat lay with blue jeans, t shirt, and brown leather western men's accessories.

Cool Men's Western Accessories

The right western accessories make any cowboy stand out. You don't need a wide assortment of looks, just a few key men's accessories to pull together your look. The best and more versatile pieces are a quality leather belt and durable buckle to match your boots.

Western-themed belt buckles

Most top brands offer classic western cowboy belts, usually floral-themed buckles with a Texas longhorn, bucking horse, or maybe your initials in the center of the buckle. These basics are nice but pretty stereotypical western belt buckles. Your belt is your most versatile accessory, so it should suit your personality. Look for a belt that makes you stand out, is a comfortable size to wear every day, then build the rest of your outfit around it. If you want a belt for everyday carry, look for one with a thick strap of quality leather.

revolver gun belt for a western lifestyle with click button lock on handmade leather belt. heavy duty hardware, thick weight leather.

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Match accessories to your cowboy boots

The two most important factors to consider when selecting cowboy boots and belts are color and comfort. Black and brown are the top most common colors available. Brown leather varies a lot and is harder to match between brands, but looks great when you get it right. A black belt is a more versatile option and will coordinate with more types of boots.

Less Common Men's Western Accessories

Other accessories to consider for your western lifestyle look include bolo ties or boot accessories such as boot chains, toe tips, boot jacks, and spurs. These are all defining parts of the western look but avoid the temptation to layer together too many elements unless you want to look straight out of the Wild West.

When shopping for western clothing, focus on quality and stick with the basics. Pair blue jeans and a flannel shirt with the right western accessories to complete your outfit.

western belt with matching boots, accessories, and clothing

Belts are the best cowboy accessories

A true cowboy understands that their best accessory is their belt and belt buckle. It doesn't just keep their pants up - it tells a story that ties the rest of their western attire together. Our unique buckles are sure to wow everyone at the rodeo. Check out some of our best-selling styles.

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